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Taiwan gets a taste of the 1″ camera action with the Sharp Aquos R8s Pro, vanilla R8s tags along
1:01 pm | September 14, 2023

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Sharp introduced the Aquos R6 in mid-2021 and stunned the world with the phone’s 240Hz display and 1” camera sensor. It also stole Sony’s thunder as the phone launched a few months before the Xperia Pro-I. However, the R6 was exclusive to the Japanese market, so Sony had the rest of the world to itself. The other Aquos R phones have a similar story – great specs, limited availability. The most recent entries, the Sharp Aquos R8 and the R8 Pro, also launched exclusively in Japan. Sort of. The company just introduced the Sharp Aquos R8s Pro in Taiwan and you may think that the “s” stands for...