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Razer Edge teardown reveals an active cooling fan
4:21 pm | January 30, 2023

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Razer hasn’t made a smartphone in a while, but it just released an Android-powered gaming handheld, the Razer Edge. The device is built very much like a smartphone as you can see in the teardown video by PBKreviews. Only a few things set it apart, e.g. no cameras on the back – but there is one on the front, on the long edge of the display since this is intended for landscape use. The first thing to come out is the card slot, which is designed to hold a nanoSIM and a microSD. This particular device is the Wi-Fi only model, so it lacks 5G (indeed any cell) connectivity. If online play and...

Review: Razer Edge review
3:00 am | April 12, 2013

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Review: Razer Edge review

Introduction and design

When you hear the phrase "tablet gaming," what comes to mind? Angry Birds, Infinity Blade and The Walking Dead games?[……]

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