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Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review
3:00 pm | April 3, 2024

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Cozy Earth Silk Pillow: two-minute review

I’m always on the hunt for the next great pillow. I’ve tested dozens of high-end bed pillows, and several were very good. However, the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow may be the very best pillow that I’ve ever tested (it’s definitely in my top five). I love thick, plush pillows, and this one falls in that category. However, it’s the reason why this pillow is so thick and plush that impresses me: it’s made of mulberry silk.

Now, silk in general, is a soft and luxurious material. But mulberry silk takes this experience to another level. I’ve tested mulberry silk pillowcases and head scarves that reduce hair frizzing and dryness. I also have mulberry silk pajamas that are also luxurious and tend to wrinkle less. And my mulberry silk sleep eye mask is smooth and cooling.

But how would a pillow with silk filling perform? Marvelously. The 100% mulberry silk filling is both strong enough to be durable, and soft enough to feel like I’m at a 5-star hotel. And the bamboo cover is also smooth and soft to the touch. While the pillow is soft, it also provides enough support that I avoid waking up with aches and pain. It works well for back and side sleepers, but may not be ideal for stomach sleepers. 

A pair of Cozy Earth Silk Pillows on a bed

(Image credit: Future)

I tested a pair of the Cozy Earth Silk Pillows for over two weeks to see how they compare to the rest of the best pillows on the market. And if you really want to elevate your sleep comfort to another level, check out our guide to this year's best mattresses for all budgets.

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: price & value for money

  • Luxury pillow with a premium price
  • 100-night trial period, 10-year warranty
  • Currently 20% off

At $299 (currently on sale for $239.20) in the standard size, the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is absolutely a premium pillow – and it’s at the top of that category as well.  However, this long-strand mulberry silk pillow is like the crème de la crème of pillows. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re on a budget, but if you’re prepared to splurge, it’s definitely worth considering.

The king size pillow is regularly $349 (currently on sale for $279.20). Cozy Earth also makes a Bamboo Down Alternative Pillow for $115, and a Bamboo Down Alternative Body Pillow for $195.  

Another one of the best pillows I’ve ever tested is the Purple Harmony Pillow, which combines a honeycomb-patterned GelFlex grid over a latex core. It’s a super-squishy pillow that moves when I do, and has temperature-regulating features. The pillow comes in a low, medium, and tall pillow height, making it ideal for any type of sleeper. The pillow, which should only be spot-cleaned, is $199.

If you prefer a down pillow, the Casper Down Pillow has a multi-chamber design. The outer pillow consists of ethically-sourced 80% white duck down, and a 20% feather outer chamber. The inner pillow consists of 60% white duck down and 40% feather inner chambers. This provides an ultra-soft experience, similar to sleeping on a cloud, but also thick enough to be supportive. The pillow is cool to the touch, machine washable, and regularly priced at $139.

Cozy Earth provides free shipping for thes pillow. There’s also a 100-night trial, and a 10-year warranty. In comparison, Purple Harmony provides a 100-night trial period and a 1-year warranty, and Casper provides a 30-day trial period and a 1-year warranty.

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: design and materials

  • 100% mulberry silk fill
  • Bounces back but needs to be fluffed
  • Breathable bamboo viscose shell

The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is filled with 100% mulberry silk that’s made exclusively for the company. It provides a supremely comfortable feel that’s soft as a cloud, but also thick enough to be supportive. The long strand mulberry silk is actually softer than other types of silk, and this is what creates such a luxurious feel.

Some pillows start off feeling soft, but then they start clumping – meaning there are soft spots in places, and also spots where the filling is now missing. However the filling in the Cozy Earth pillow never clumps. In fact, Cozy Earth guarantees this won't happen.

A Cozy Earth Silk Pillow opened to show the filling

(Image credit: Future)

I have a set of standard size pillows, but they're also available in king size. The cover is made of 100% premium viscose from bamboo, which is designed to stay cool.

The pair of Cozy Earth Pillows arrived safely in a cardboard box. Inside, each pillow was in a stylish fabric bag with zipper closure, along with vegan leather handles and trim. I’d give the company full marks for presentation. Upon unzipping each bag, the pillows were encased in plastic as a sanitary measure. Since the pillows were not compressed, they didn’t have to expand, and I was not subjected to any off-gassing.

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Cozy Earth Silk Pillows in their shipping box

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Cozy Earth Silk Pillows in their carry bags

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Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: care and allergies

On its website, Cozy Earth recommends spot cleaning or dry cleaning the silk pillows. However, according to the tag attached to the silk pillow, it can be machine washed in cold water using normal detergent. However, no fabric softener or bleach should be used. Also, the pillows should not be put in a spin cycle. They can be machine dried on normal, or hung to dry.

The website also recommends using a protective pillowcase – in fact, a pillowcase is required to validate the manufacturer’s extended warranty. Cozy Earth also states that if you’re using a pillowcase and washing that pillowcase on a regular basis, then regular or excessive washing of the pillow is unnecessary.

A pair of Cozy Earth Silk Pillows on a bed

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Cozy Earth also recommends fluffing the pillow on a regular basis to maintain the loft and shape. In addition, it can be aired in the sunlight occasionally to keep it fresh. The pillow is OEKO-TEX certified, which means that it’s free from harmful chemicals. 

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: comfort & support

  • Plush yet supportive
  • Best for side or back sleepers
  • Refluffing is recommended

For over two weeks, I slept on a pair of Cozy Earth Silk Pillows to see how comfortable and supportive they were. The pillows provided an extremely comfortable experience, while also being supportive.

The pillows had a cloud-like softness, and were light and fluffy. They’re stuffed with 100% mulberry silk, which has a luxurious feel. The light and airy pillows were also able to cradle my head and neck in cocoon-like comfort. However, they bounced back when my head moved to another position. 

A pair of Cozy Earth Silk Pillows on a bed

(Image credit: Future)

Since the pillows have a mid to high-loft, they were the perfect height for me. I’m a combination sleeper, and this height works well for side and back sleepers. However, for sleeping on your stomach, the pillows may serve to be too high. Granted, not all side, back, and stomach sleepers are alike, so keep that in mind.

Cozy Earth recommends fluffing the pillows on a regular basis. In lieu of doing this, I just tossed them in the dryer for a few minutes.

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: temperature regulation

Mulberry silk is designed to resist mildew and eliminate moisture better than cotton, and I found that the Cozy Earth Silk Pillows kept me warm at night while sleeping. In addition, the cover is made from a 100% premium viscose from bamboo fabric, which is also designed to provide a smooth and cool sensation.

Even underneath winter bedding, the pillows seemed to regulate my body temperature, so I never woke up hot.  I tested the pillows during the fall/winter season, in Birmingham, AL, which tends to have mild winters.

A hand pressed down on a Cozy Earth Silk Pillow

(Image credit: Future)

Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: specs

Should you buy the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow?

Buy it if...

  You’re looking for a luxury pillow: This 100% mulberry silk pillow isn’t cheap. It’s a top-of-the-line pillow that’s designed to provide the ultimate in luxury. Sleeping on the pillow feels like your head and neck are cocooned in comfort, but it’s also supportive enough to avoid any aches and pains.

 You don’t like down or down alternative: Down pillows can poke you and may cause your allergies to flare up. On the other hand, down alternative pillows may not provide the same level of comfort. The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is an alternative to both.

  You want a breathable pillow: The fill and the cover combine to provide a pillow that doesn’t trap heat. It regulates your body’s temperature to keep you cool while you sleep.

Don’t buy it if...

You’re a stomach sleeper: The pillow is a better choice for side and back sleepers. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, you may find the loft too high to keep your head and spine aligned while you sleep. As a result, you may wake up with aches and pains. 

You like to adjust the fill: While the cover does unzip, technically, the pillow isn’t designed to add or remove fill. Doing so may render your pillow useless, and also void your warranty.

You like to wash your pillows and covers: Cozy Earth recommends spot cleaning or dry cleaning your pillow. If you’re the type who likes to wash pillows on a regular basis, again, you may end up voiding your warranty. And even if you do wash it, the company warns against using the spin cycle, so it will take forever for the pillow to dry.

How I tested the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow

I slept on a pair of Cozy Earth Silk Pillows for over two weeks, testing for performance, comfort, and support. These tests were conducted during the fall/winter season. Since I tend to sleep hot – but I love all of the stylish fall and winter bedding – I slept with the HVAC off to avoid getting overly hot in my mild climate.

Zoma Livingstone bed frame review
1:02 pm | April 2, 2024

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Zoma Livingstone bed frame: two-minute review

Zoma is best known for its mattresses, but it also makes accessories including bed frames. For this review I tried out the Zoma Livingstone, the only one in the range to have under-bed storage. So how does it compare to the best bed frames?

At TechRadar we review plenty of the best mattresses, and it helps have a decent bed frame to complement your mattress. I recently reviewed the Zoma Hybrid mattress, but this frame can be used with all hybrid, foam and innerspring mattresses. I was pleased that I felt supported on this frame. It’s suitable for holding a combined weight of 500lbs, and I didn’t get any creaking from moving about on the mattress or when launching off the side of the bed to get up in the morning (or during the night).

It’s available in a double and king size (I tested it in the king size), and it’s only available in grey. This is the colour of the plush material that upholsters the frame. It’s a neutral tone that I feel will suit a range of bedroom themes, regardless of how comic book character or plain you’ve opted for.

The Zoma Livingstone bed frame opened, with a mattress on it

(Image credit: Future)

It was a total pain to assemble though. The Zoma Livingstone arrives in three boxes, flat-packed. It took three hours for two of us to put it together. This was because the instructions are not easy to follow, and all the different-sized nuts, bolts and washers are mixed in with each other. The lifting mechanism is also heavyweight, and I struggled to reach towards the back of underbed storage because I couldn’t lift the mattress and frame any higher.

Priced just under £1,000, is the Zoma Livingstone for you? Keep reading my review to find out. Note, this particular Zoma frame is only available in the UK – Zoma US has its own separate range.

Zoma Livingstone bed frame review: specs

Zoma Livingstone bed frame review: price & value for money

  • Available in double and king size only
  • Only available to buy direct from Zoma
  • High price for a flat-pack item of furniture

The Zoma Livingstone is available in a double and king size, only. At the time of writing the double was out of stock and no price was displayed. The king size has an RRP of £999. It is towards the upper price range of an under-bed storage frame which is likely to be due the use of a quality material and reinforced frame structure.

While I can’t deny that the material is lovely and the structure is solid, it does arrive totally flat-packed. Generally, flat-pack furniture means a lower price – but not in this case.

The Zoma Livingstone does get discounted, but not often. At the time of writing it was full price. You also get free shipping, although there’s no option to upgrade) and 1-year guarantee.

Zoma Livingstone bed frame review: design & materials

  • Use of high-quality materials
  • Reinforced design
  • Available in a double or king size, only

The Zoma Livingstone is an ottoman-style bed frame. This means that there is integrated under-bed storage which is accessed by a lifting mechanism.

It’s made with a combination of sprung wooden slats and a solid metal frame, upholstered in a grey plush material. This material is sumptuous to the touch, and easy on the eye. It’s not available in any other colour.

The frame is also the only one in the Zoma bed frame range to offer storage. The Zoma Genesis is the closest match which exudes a similar grandeur with large headboard and linen upholstery; Zoma Fusion is also wrapped in a linen upholstery yet has a 94cm headboard and the Zoma Astley is crafted from solid hardwood. The Genesis is available in double, king and super king sizes, the Fusion is available in a single, double and king size and the Astley is available in a single, double and king size.

The only sizes that the Zoma Livingstone is available in are double and king size. The double measures 145 x 204cm and king-size measures 160 x 214cm. The headboard height is 110cm on both available frame sizes.

While there are no visible cleaning instructions to reference on the frame, it does say in the assembly instructions that “for cleaning you may use a damp cloth (not wet)”. The instructions also advise that the frame may stain or mark if allowed to come into contact with wet or damp objects as the materials used have not been Scotchgarded.

Zoma Livingstone bed frame review: performance

  • Solid and comfortable to rest on
  • Decent amount of storage
  • Heavy to lift, despite the hydraulics

The Zoma Livingstone is a lovely bed to look at, and sleep on. The design and materials have made it an attractive frame to have, with the neutral décor being suitable for any bedroom theme.

To sleep on it was solid. I didn’t notice any noise from the bolts (or other components) when turning in the night. It didn’t creak when launching off the edge of the mattress during the night, or in the morning, either. Zoma advises that it can comfortably support up to 500lbs; my husband and I have a combined weight of 434lbs and have no complaints about the support.

The Zoma Livingstone is suitable for all types of mattress (hybrid, foam or innerspring). The Zoma Hybrid mattress (also on test) felt well supported, however it didn’t fit the frame entirely; there’s a few inches of space between the mattress and the edge of the frame. Although this didn’t affect the performance, it did mean that dust gathered – and it became a trap for socks. We also frequently bumped our legs into the edges of the frame, which is something that we haven’t had before when the edge of the mattress meets the edge of the frame, or overhangs.

The edge of the Zoma Livingstone bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

One of the most attractive aspects of the Zoma Livingstone was, for me, the storage underneath. The amount of storage available is the size of your mattress (double or king size) which is loads. To access it, there’s a material tab attached to the base end of the frame – this needs to be tugged upwards. I found that the combined weight of the mattress and the  base made them quite hard to lift, so I wouldn’t recommend this frame for anyone who needs to be able to easily access storage with little effort. 

While the suspended frame and mattress stays in place thanks to the hydraulic lifts, I also struggled to access the storage towards the head of the bed because the frame will only lift to 40in / 101.6cm. The fabric cover that attaches to the underside of the frame with Velcro wasn’t quite large enough, either, so we had a flappy end piece that was detached underneath the headboard-end.

The Zoma Livingstone bed frame being opened with its fabric tab

(Image credit: Future)

Everything stayed in place when lifting the bed. To put it back down, I found it easier to push the suspended mattress and frame down with my hands, rather than pull the material tab, which I’m certain would cause friction burn and a pulled muscle if yanked on too hard.

Zoma Livingstone bed frame review: customer experience

  • Good customer service up to the point of delivery
  • Unclear assembly instructions takes 2 adults, 3 hours
  • No option to upgrade

Within a few days of the order for the Zoma Livingstone being placed, I received a text message confirming a delivery time slot. On the day of delivery I received a phone call from the delivery drivers to say that they were on their way and that they would be with me within the hour. The customer service was seamless, from that point of view.

The Zoma Livingstone arrived in three boxes. I wasn’t expecting this. Given the size and shape of the boxes (big and thin), my first impression was a bit of an “uh-oh” moment; it was totally flat packed. The delivery drivers wouldn’t carry the boxes up our stairs; it was delivered to our hallway, only. There was no option to upgrade.

Parts of the Zoma Livingstone bed frame in their delivery box

(Image credit: Future)

If there was an option to upgrade, I would have totally paid the money to have the bed frame delivered to our bedroom and assembled; it was a nightmare. The boxes were big and heavy to carry up the stairs. Although I managed to do this on my own, I advise that two people carry the boxes. 

Assembly of the Zoma Livingstone was made difficult by the unclear instructions, and components not being marked. All the nuts, bolts and washers were mixed together, and there were three different sizes of them. It took a while to sort through all of them, and yet more time to measure them to figure out what should go where.

Parts of the Zoma Livingstone bed frame on a floor

(Image credit: Future)

With the help of my mum, it took almost three hours to assemble the Zoma Livingstone. While all the necessary parts were included, it would have been super helpful to have the nuts, bolts and washer sizes clearly marked to take the guesswork out of it all. There was a lot of faff and fiddling with the small parts to get them secured onto the frame, too. Had partial assembly been a delivery upgrade, it would have been welcome.

Assembling the Zoma Livingstone bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

It’s worth noting that the instructions are written in a small font and not very well laid out for easy reading. There's also no digital version of the instructions added to the website, which is something I feel would be helpful if you ever misplace the instructions after taking it down for a house move or (like me) you’re triple checking that it’s been set up correctly if something isn’t quite right.

I struggled to get the lifting mechanism to work. At first, I thought it was broken. But then I asked a brand rep to send over the instructions (because I misplaced them) and I figured out that the hydraulic arm had been installed the wrong way round. FYI: the thicker part of the hydraulic arm needs to be secured to the base, not the bit that lifts. This issue was resolved and I was able to access the storage beneath.

Slats and storage on the Zoma Livingstone bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

The Zoma Livingstone comes with a one-year warranty. This isn’t a very long time considering the price you pay for it, the effort required to assemble it and the fact that competitors who are offering similar frames provide a five-year guarantee.

Should you buy the Zoma Livingstone bed frame?

Buy it if…

 You need storage space: The Zoma Livingstone is an ottoman-style storage bed which lifts the mattress (with a firm pull of a tab) to access the storage space beneath.

 You want a plush-looking frame: High quality material has been used to wrap around the frame, and it looks fancy.

 You already own a mattress: There’s no need to go out and buy a new mattress to fit on the Zoma Livingstone; It’s compatible with foam, hybrid or innerspring mattresses.

Don't buy it if…

❌ You're on a budget: Priced at £999 for a king-size, the Zoma Livingstone is not a cheap bed frame. There are much more affordable options to choose from.

❌ You don’t do flat-pack: Just don’t get the Zoma Livingstone if you don’t like flat-pack. It's a hefty piece of bedroom furniture that took three hours for two people to assemble.

How I tested the Zoma Livingstone bed frame

I slept on the Zoma Livingstone for 4 weeks. I assembled it myself (with my mum's help) and have used it to store bed linen. I tested it in the king-size frame, alongside the Zoma Hybrid mattress.

Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress review
5:00 pm | March 24, 2024

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Cloverlane Mattress: two-minute review

The Cloverlane Mattress debuted in late 2023 as Resident Sleep's new luxury label. (Resident is the company behind Nectar and DreamCloud – two of the best mattress brands around.) It's available as a hybrid or all-foam bed and comes with three firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, or Firm). 

For one month, I slept on a twin Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress in Plush Soft, which is deemed the best level of firmness for pressure relief. In addition to my experience, I asked four volunteers to nap on it as well and conducted a series of objective tests. My full Cloverlane Mattress review is below but if you're short on time, here's the abridged version...

Cloverlane Mattress in reviewer's bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

The Cloverlane either has a bed of 8-inch wrapped coils surrounded by dense foam (hybrid) or a 9-inch foam core (memory foam). The core of the Cloverlane Mattress influences its level of firmness. Both versions of the Cloverlane Mattress have multiple foam layers, a latex lumbar support strip, and a polyester-blend cover.

My fellow testers and I found the Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid most suitable for side sleeping, but it has a firmer-than-advertised feel. You'll need to give it at least a month before you start to feel more settled into it – and even then, it may still feel firm. Fortunately, you get 365 nights to break this mattress in.

The Cloverlane's lumbar support system – a half-inch thick strip of latex and specialized quilting in the center of the bed – kept me from waking up with stiffness in my lower back. There's all-over pressure relief with the Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid, which increases the more you sleep on it.

My drop tests showed that the Cloverlane Hybrid has above-average motion isolation. That result is likely to be even better with the Cloverlane Memory Foam Mattress. However, the hybrid should sleep cooler than the foam version since it has springs to increase airflow along with the breathable cover and 16 brass air vents. (I didn't overheat with my Cloverlane Hybrid at all.)

Cloverlane Mattress

(Image credit: Resident)

Edge support, however, was hit-or-miss on my twin test unit. I found the Cloverlane Hybrid supportive enough to keep me from rolling off the bed when I rolled too close to the edges, but some of my testers didn't feel as steady when sitting along the middle perimeter. This could be a different story on larger versions of the bed, but I believe sturdy edges should be a feature of any mattress, regardless of size.

Does the Cloverlane Hybrid do enough to overtake the Saatva Classic as TechRadar's #1 mattress? I don't think so. The Cloverlane is a comfortable bed but it's not meticulously hand-crafted like the Saatva. (The Cloverlane still comes in a box, despite arriving flat.)  The polyester-blend cover doesn't feel as luxe as the organic cotton cover that kept our reviewer comfortably cool in our Saatva Classic mattress review.

The Cloverlane Mattress is always on sale for up to $700 off – a queen-size goes for $1,499 in either hybrid or memory foam. (This is interesting to point out because hybrid mattresses generally cost more than their foam-only counterparts.) It comes with White Glove Delivery plus optional mattress disposal, a one-year risk-free trial, and a lifetime warranty.

Cloverlane Mattress review: Design & materials

  • Available as a 15-inch hybrid or all-foam mattress
  • Support coils affect the Cloverlane's firmness level
  • More utilitarian than luxurious but still well-made

The Cloverlane comes in one height (15 inches), two builds (hybrid and memory foam), and three firmness levels (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm). The Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid is what's being reviewed here.  

The bottom half of the mattress either has 8-inch wrapped coils surrounded by a dense foam wall for edge support or a 9-inch foam core instead. The core of the mattress influences the level of firmness. On top are 2.5 inches of transitional support foam plus 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. In between those layers is a half-inch thick strip of latex that runs across the center of the mattress for lumbar support.

The Cloverlane Mattress has a Euro-top: 1.75 inches of plush foam wrapped in a blend of polyester, cotton, and polyethylene. Specialty quilting in the middle third complements the latex lumbar layer.

All of the foams in the Cloverlane Mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they've been tested for harmful chemicals and the VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions that result in off-gassing odors. (I didn't detect any obvious smell from my Cloverlane Hybrid mattress.) It's unclear whether the Cloverlane Mattresses have fiberglass.

The poly-blend cover isn't uncomfortable, but compared to a luxury mattress with a tufted organic cotton cover (Saatva Classic) or a soft cashmere-blend cover (DreamCloud), the Cloverlane appears less shiny. However, the side-carry handles are a convenient touch, and the 16 brass air vents are a good way to boost airflow.

  • Design score: 4 out of 5

Cloverlane Mattress review: Price & value for money

  • Has been on sale for up to $700 off from the time it launched
  • An upper mid-range mattress, a queen sells for $1,499
  • White Glove Delivery and a risk-free one-year trial

The Cloverlane Mattress has been on sale for up to $700 off from the time it launched late last year. Like most Resident brands, you can ignore the MSRPs. A queen Cloverlane mattress sells for $1,499, which is right on the border between TechRadar's upper mid-range and premium pricing brackets. Prices are the same for the all-foam version of the Cloverlane.

Here is the official sale pricing for the Cloverlane Mattress, at time of writing:

  • Twin MSRP: $1,199 (usually on sale for $699)
  • Twin XL MSRP: $1,499 (usually on sale for $999)
  • Full MSRP: $1,999 (usually on sale for $1,399)
  • Queen MSRP: $2,199 (usually on sale for $1,499)
  • King MSRP: $2,699 (usually on sale for $1,999)
  • California king MSRP: $2,699 (usually on sale for $1,999)

Add-ons include a specialty cooling cover with extra heat-wicking fibers for $199 and a discounted bedding bundle with down pillows, percale sheets, and a mattress pad from $199 (up to a $696 value).

Compared to the Saatva Classic, you're paying about $200 to $400 less, depending on the type of Saatva mattress sale running at the moment. That's not a significant differential. Cloverlane and Saatva both offer a one-year trial, a lifetime warranty, and free White Glove Delivery with optional mattress removal. (Saatva also adds foundation removal.)  Cloverlane offers free returns, while Saatva charges a $99 fee.

Among the broader luxury mattress market, Cloverlane's extras make it an excellent value for money. Side-by-side with the Saatva Classic, however, the difference is negligible. If you have the money to spare, I'd recommend just going for the luxe, handcrafted Saatva and its free mattress and foundation removal. Otherwise, the Cloverlane is a sound choice if you want to spend a few hundred dollars less.

  • Value for money score: 4.5 out of 5

Cloverlane Mattress review: Comfort & support

  • Expect a firmer-than-advertised feel at first
  • However, the mattress starts to soften after a month
  • Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association for back pain

The Cloverlane Mattress comes in three firmness levels (based on a 10-point firmness scale):

  • Plush Soft (4): Side sleepers, lightweight sleepers, maximum pressure relief
  • Luxury Firm (5-7): Couples, back/combi sleepers, sleepers with back pain
  • Firm (8): Stomach sleepers, heavyweight sleepers, subtle pressure relief

For the first half of my month-long testing period, my Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress felt decidedly firm. I double-checked the mattress tag and my order details to make sure I knew what I was sleeping on. However, by the fourth and final week, I noticed more give around my shoulders and hips. It still wasn't supremely plush – and I definitely wouldn't rate it a 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale – but it's slightly softer than when I first laid on it. 

I'm not the only one who noticed this, either. One of my lightweight volunteers tried my Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress twice. During her initial trial in week two, she rated it a 10 out of 10 on the firmness scale, but when she tried it again during week four, she knocked that down to a 9 and said she felt more settled. You'll need to make the most of your year-long trial because the Cloverlane may take quite a while to fully break in.

Cloverlane Mattress in reviewer's bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

But is the Cloverlane Mattress comfortable otherwise? My fellow testers and I think so. I rate the Plush Soft Hybrid I tested the best for side sleeping for its pressure relief from the top foam layers. I was also comfortable stomach sleeping, particularly during the first couple of weeks when it was much firmer. If you strictly sleep on your stomach, though, choose the Cloverlane Firm.

Most of the back sleepers in my group liked the Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress but you'll want to go for the Luxury Firm version for the best balance of support and relief. One of my older back sleepers with arthritis, who tried my Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid during week three, said she would have liked more lumbar support.

Cloverlane Mattress in reviewer's bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

To objectively test the Cloverlane Hybrid's pressure relief, I placed a 50lb weight at the center of the mattress, where it sank about three inches. That seems on-brand for a Plush Soft hybrid mattress. Moving the weight towards the bottom half of the mattress yielded a similar level of sinkage. 

Is the Cloverlane a good mattress for back pain? After transitioning from the Saatva RX – which is one of the best mattresses for back pain I've ever slept on – I think the Cloverlane's latex lumbar strip and specialty quilting do a good job of picking up where the Saatva left off for me. I didn't wake up with any stiffness or pain in my lower lumbar at any point during testing. By the way – the Cloverlane Hybrid is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Cloverlane Mattress review: performance

  • Will keep most sleepers at a comfortable temperature
  • Absorbs most movement well – good for couples
  • Edge support is a mixed bag

For one month, I slept on a slept on a twin Cloverlane Hybrid mattress in Plush Soft and asked four adult volunteers of varying body types and sleep preferences to nap on it for at least 15 minutes to help provide a broader perspective. I also tested its temperature regulation, motion isolation, and edge support. Here's what I found...

Temperature regulation

I tested the Cloverlane Hybrid between December 2023 and January 2024, so I endured plenty of frigid nights. Of course, I kept the heat running (around 72 degrees F) and layered up with a polyester blanket and a mid-weight polyester comforter atop my 100% cotton sheets.

Cloverlane Mattress in reviewer's bedroom

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The Cloverlane Hybrid did a good job of maintaining temperature-neutral sleep throughout the month I slept on it. I wouldn't say it's profoundly cooling but I'm willing to bet it's more breathable than the all-foam Cloverlane Mattress. (It's a hybrid, after all.) If you deal with regular night sweats, you can add a specialty cover with extra heat-wicking material for $199 more.

Still, the Cloverlane Mattress is built with breathability in mind. In addition to the aforementioned cover, there are 16 hand-installed brass vents along the base to boost airflow. (The vents are on the hybrid and memory foam versions.) It may not have the same effect as a dedicated cooling mattress but for most people, the Cloverlane Mattress should be comfortable enough.

  • Temperature regulation score: 4 out of 5

Motion isolation

To test the motion isolation of my twin-size Cloverlane Hybrid, I performed a drop test with an empty wine glass and a 10lb weight. I dropped the weight from six inches above the surface from three distances to simulate three levels of motion transfer. In addition to that, I also noticed how quickly the weight settled.

When I dropped the weight from four inches away, the glass fell over. I repeated this drop for insurance and the glass didn't drop but it did wobble quite a bit. These results suggest that it's perhaps not the best choice for couples with a restless partner.

Fortunately, the empty glass remained steady when I dropped the weight from 12 and 25 inches away. This means you're unlikely to be disturbed if your partner gets in or out of bed. Meanwhile, the 10lb weight settled into the surface after a few short bounces, indicating good absorption of movement. 

The all-foam version of the Cloverlane likely performs even better here, but the Cloverlane Hybrid has a nice bouncy rhythm while maintaining a low level of motion transfer. Either way, I think the Cloverlane Mattress will allow most couples to sleep uninterrupted.

  • Motion isolation score: 4 out of 5

Edge support

To test the edge support of my Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid mattress, I placed a 50lb weight on the middle perimeter, where it sank about three inches. It was the same result when I put the weight at the very foot of the bed. That's the same level of sinkage I measured at the center of the bed – which is usually a good thing, but that's quite a deep drop for the edges.

Cloverlane Mattress in reviewer's bedroom

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Among my fellow testers, opinions were mixed. Along the middle, my lighter and taller volunteers said they were comfortable but the shorter sleepers in my group felt unsteady. (Everyone felt at ease sitting at the foot of the bed.) Meanwhile, I tend to roll toward the edge when I sleep, but the Cloverlane's edges kept me from falling overboard.

Of course, I can only speak for a twin-sized Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid. There's a possibility larger, firmer versions perform better here. There currently aren't any reviews that mention the Cloverlane's edge support. But if you want a mattress that's known for strong edges on even the smallest bed sizes, read my Awara Natural Hybrid mattress review, which I also tested in a twin.

  • Edge support score: 3.5 out of 5

Cloverlane Mattress review: Customer service

  • Arrives flat but still comes in a box
  • Includes White Glove Delivery and mattress removal
  • One-year trial with free returns

The Cloverlane Mattress arrives flat via free White Glove Delivery. The most I had to do was schedule a delivery time, which was not the smoothest experience. However, your mileage may vary here as you'll be dealing with a local logistics company. Fortunately, the day of the delivery went off without a hitch as the delivery crew arrived right on time. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and that even included the free mattress removal. 

Interestingly, my Cloverlane Hybrid arrived flat but still came in a box. The two delivery drivers removed my mattress from a giant brown box from the back of their truck before taking it into my home. I peeked at the mattress tag, which says it was manufactured in August 2024. I received my mattress in December 2024, about four months later. Despite that, my Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress didn't have an obvious off-gassing smell, and it was ready to sleep on right away. It's not your typical bed-in-a-box. 

The Cloverlane comes with a one-year warranty, with free returns if you're not happy with it. There's also a lifetime warranty, which includes a free replacement with a factory defect for the first 10 years you own the mattress. Beyond that, you'll just have to pay a $50 transportation fee each way for repairs.

  • Customer service score: 4.5 out of 5

Cloverlane Mattress review: Specs

Should you buy the Cloverlane Mattress?

Buy it if...

You have a bad back: Between the free in-room delivery and the specialized lumbar support, the Cloverlane should relieve many sleepers with back pain. I didn't wake up with stiffness in my lower back throughout my month of sleeping on the Cloverlane Hybrid. The American Chiropractic Association gives it its seal of approval.

You want to customize your comfort: The Cloverlane is available as a hybrid (reviewed here) or all-foam mattress in three firmness levels. There's no price difference between the two types of builds, either, which is rare. (Hybrids are usually more expensive than foam beds.)

You want a bed that's easy to move: The side carry handles will make rotating your mattress much less of a challenge. They're also handy if you move house often or like to rearrange your space regularly.

Don't buy it if...

You can afford a Saatva: The Saatva Classic boasts better craftsmanship and a more sumptuous appearance than the Cloverlane Mattress. If you have enough for Saatva, make that your choice. It's only about $200 to $400 more than either version of the Cloverlane Mattress. Plus, Saatva offers free mattress and foundation removal.

You don't want a bed with a long break-in period: My Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid was definitely firm at first, and one month later I'd downgrade it to a medium-firm. You'll need to be patient and allow yourself time to fully break this mattress in. Fortunately, Cloverlane gives you a year to do that.

You'd rather buy a mattress without fiberglass: Cloverlane doesn't make it clear if it uses fiberglass in its mattresses. If you're sensitive to fiberglass or simply don't want to sleep on a bed that has it, check out our vetted list of the best fiberglass-free mattresses.

Cloverlane Mattress review: Also consider

The DreamCloud Mattress
This is the most affordable luxury mattress out there, with a queen going for as low as $665 in recent DreamCloud mattress sales. You'll lose out on the free White Glove Delivery but you'll still get a one-year trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping and returns. It comes in one medium-firm comfort level that's comfortable for back sleeping. Motion isolation is ace, as well.
Read more: DreamCloud mattress review

Helix Dusk Luxe Mattress
If you want a softer mattress with a shorter break-in period than the Cloverlane, check out the Helix Dusk Luxe. It has a medium comfort level that our reviewer says gives it "a cloud-like feel and lots of support" for back and front sleepers. (Side sleepers may fare better with the deep pressure relief of the Helix Midnight Luxe.) A queen normally sells for $1,780 after 20% off. It comes with a 15-year warranty and a 100-night trial.
Read more: Helix Dusk Luxe mattress review

Saatva Classic Mattress
The Saatva Classic is Cloverlane's main rival. This handcrafted mattress comes in three firmness levels and two heights. You won't find much foam but there are two layers of wrapped coils, an organic cotton Euro pillow-top, and a dedicated lumbar zone (which includes a strip of memory foam). If you have the money for it, buy the Saatva since there's not that huge of a price difference – but if you want a bed with better motion isolation and more foam, consider the Cloverlane.
Read more: Saatva Classic mattress review

How I tested the Cloverlane Mattress

I slept on a twin Cloverlane Hybrid mattress in Plush Firm every night for one month between December 2023 and January 2024. My review is a combination of real-world experience and objective tests.

In addition to my perspective as a 5-foot-4, 145lb side/stomach sleeper with a lower back issue, I asked four adult volunteers to nap on the Cloverlane for at least 15 minutes in their usual positions. Our testers ranged in size from 5ft 4 and 125lbs to 6ft and 185lbs, and one of them deals with arthritis. 

It's another cold winter here, so I'll sometimes add a polyester blanket to my regular setup: a mid-weight polyester blend comforter and 100% cotton sheets. My bedroom temperature is usually around 72 degrees F.

  • First reviewed: February 2024
Emma Original Pillow review
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Emma Original pillow: two-minute review

The Emma Original pillow is a firm yet spongy pillow that capably supports your head whilst maintaining its form and keeping cool. I was a little wary of its firmness when I started using it, but I needn't have worried. During my three weeks of testing I never woke up feeling any discomfort – in fact I slept on it just as soundly as with any of the best pillows on the market.

The pillow holds its shape and firmness thanks to its gel foam, memory foam and soft foam layers. These separate layers mean you can flip the pillow over for a slightly different firmness to support your body frame and sleeping position. Personally, I found the soft gel layer provided slightly more immediate comfort. Both the outer soft and gel layers feel a bit hard when I first lie on them each night, but within minutes my head sinks in comfortably, and feels reliably supported throughout the night.

The Emma Original Pillow showing the Emma label

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At full price, the Emma Original Pillow sits in the premium price bracket, but it's fairly common to see a discount that takes it down into the mid-range, making this a high-performance all-rounder that won't break the bank if you catch it at the right time.

If you want to pair this pillow with an equally comfortable bed, be sure to take a look at our guide to this year's best mattresses for all budgets.

Emma Original pillow specs

Emma Original pillow review: price & value for money

  • Premium at full price, often discounted into mid-range
  • High quality materials
  • 2-year warranty and 30-night trial

With an RRP of £69, the Emma Original pillow sits in the premium price bracket, but at time of writing there's a regular discount that knocks 25% off and takes it down into the mid-range price bracket. For that money though you get high-quality materials (this is the brand behind one of the best memory foam mattresses, after all). A 30-night trial (with the security of a money back guarantee if you're not happy with it during that period), a two-year warranty and free delivery further help to cushion the blow if you're working to a budget.

The Original is the most affordable option in this brand's pillow range. Its synthetic stuffed option (details in our Emma Premium Microfibre pillow review) has an RRP of £109 but is often sold at £65, while an option with more advanced foams (covered in our Emma Premium Pillow hands-on review) is a much bigger investment at £115. Yes, they all have confusingly similar names.

The Emma Original Pillow on a bed

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Other memory foam pillows might slightly undercut the Emma Original pillow on price, but in terms of performance I'd say the cost and customer service add-ons mean you're getting good value for money, especially when you buy during an Emma sale period.

Emma Original pillow review: design & materials

  • Removable and machine-washable polyester cover
  • Three different-feeling foam layers
  • Foam layers can be removed to adjust loft

The Emma Original pillow is made of three foam layers and a polyester case. One one side, a feather-light Gel Foam layer that's designed to hug your neck comfortably and maintain a stable temperature. In the middle, a Visco Memory Foam layer, which is meant to distribute weight evenly. Finally, on the other side there's the High Resiliency Extra foam layer. This is the softest of the three and is there for extra pressure relief.

The Emma Original Pillow opened to show its filling

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The layers tuck inside a polyester cover, which zips open. Depending on how you sleep, any of these layers can be removed to give a lower loft. 

Emma Original pillow review: care & allergies

The pillow's polyester case can be removed and machine washed at up to 60°C (which is the temperature required to get rid of dust mites). The three foam layers aren't washable, and should just be left to dry in the event of anything getting spilled on them. Speaking of the cover, this has been tested by Emma to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The cover and foam layer inserts also comply with relevant ignitability regulations.

Emma Original pillow review: comfort & support

  • Firm memory foam layers
  • Two different sleep feels
  • Remains a comfortable temperature overnight
  • No need for re-plumping

I used the Emma Original pillow as my main pillow for three weeks for this review. To begin with I was wary of how firm it would be – the first time I tried it out it felt very hard. Fortunately, though, I found the pillow softened and moulded to my head after a few minutes of lying on it, although each night it did still feel hard to begin with.

What’s more, the Emma Original pillow has some flexibility in terms of use. The outer foam layers provide different levels of support, meaning you can flip the pillow over for a more comfortable sleep experience depending on your preference. The spongy gel foam layer is the firmest choice, whereas I found the soft but still somewhat firm foam layer cushioned my head slightly faster.

A person sleeping on the Emma Original Pillow

Our Sleep Editor also tested the pillow in our photo studio (Image credit: Future)

I slept on my side throughout and felt thoroughly supported every night; not once did I need to turn it over or plump it. The pillow has a high loft, but if the height or comfort are not quite to your taste you can easily adjust either by removing one or two of the three foam layers. I'm primarily a side sleeper, so all three layers together suited me perfectly; back sleepers would benefit from either two or three layers, while stomach sleepers would do best with just one layer.

Emma Original pillow review: temperature regulation

The Emma Original pillow is cool to the touch and remains at a similar temperature throughout the night. I tested it both with and without a pillowcase during the winter months in a heated bedroom and was never woken up by trapped warmth or overheating. Flipping over the pillow for a coolness shot was never required as it stayed at a comfortable room temperature level all night long and did not wake me up.

Should you buy the Emma Original pillow?

Buy it if…

✅ You're sensitive to heat. I found that the Emma Original pillow remained at a consistent temperature all night long and never woke me up with the need to flip it over to the cool side.

✅ You've never tried a memory foam pillow before. This was my first time using one, and while it took a while to get used to the hardness, the 30-night trial would give me the confidence to take a chance on it.

✅ You want some firm support. The three foam layers work together brilliantly to make your head feel cushioned, and pressure is reliably spread to prevent any aches or strains developing while you sleep.

Don't buy it if…

❌ Hardness is an issue. The Emma Original Pillow remains firm night after night, meaning you might want to try something a little softer. Luckily Emma has just the thing in the shape of the Emma Microfibre Pillow, which is in roughly the same price range too.

❌ You're shopping to a budget and can't wait for a deal. Even though the Emma Original pillow is quite reasonably priced, the 25% discount is too tempting to pass up. If you have the time to wait for the discount to come around, hold off on adding it to your basket.

❌ You specifically want a more breathable pillow. While the Emma Original pillow is ideal in terms of temperature, it isn't geared towards breathability. The Emma Premium Foam Pillow has an Ultra-Dry Plus cover which caters to this need and lets your skin breathe during the night.

How I tested the Emma Original Pillow

I tested the Emma Original pillow over the course of three weeks in the winter months. During these nights I had the heating on in order to keep the pillow at room temperature and provide a controlled environment to conduct a fair test. 

Each night I slept on my side, but I can easily see back or front sleepers benefiting from its foam layers too. The pillow was tested both with and without a cover to ensure that I could gauge the coolness accurately.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review
6:37 pm | March 19, 2024

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Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow: two-minute review

I love to sleep, and I also love to sleep comfortably. As a result, I also love to test bed pillows, since they play a significant role in determining how comfortably I’ll sleep. And I could tell at first glance that I was going to enjoy testing the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows. Some pillows arrive compressed, and when they’re expanding, it’s a wait-and-see process. Will the pillows be flat, or will they be nice and fluffy?

Since the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows aren’t compressed, I knew as soon as I opened the shipping box that they were going to be a pleasure to review. As I unzipped the individually packaged pillows from their stylish fabric bags (with handles, no less), I knew this level of detail in packaging would probably extend to a high level of detail in making the pillows as well.

Two Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows on a bed

(Image credit: Future)

And I was not disappointed. The pillows were thick and plush (my favorite two adjectives when describing something that I’m going to lay my head on). The fill is made of memory foam and also down alternative fibers for a cushy experience that’s still firm enough to provide support. And since they’re also available in two other shapes, the pillows can work well for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

I tested a pair of the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows for over two weeks to see how they compare to the rest of the best pillows on the market. And if you’re looking for ways to really boost your sleep comfort further, take a look at our guide to this year's best mattresses for all budgets.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review: price & value for money

  • Premium pillow, premium priced
  • 100-night trial period, 1 year warranty
  • Currently buy one, get one 50% off

At $99.99, the classic Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow in the standard size is considered a higher-end pillow – although there are competitors with pillows that cost significantly more. However, it’s not a cheap or mid-range pillow. Having tested dozens of pillows, I consider the price to be fair, considering the quality design and materials – in fact, I think it’s a good value for what you get.

The classic king size pillow is $119.00. Also, the various shapes have different prices as well. The standard curved pillow is $119.99, and $139.99 for a king. And the ultimate shape pillow, which has three removable inserts so you can find your perfect fit, is $139.99/standard, $159.99/king.

At the time of publication, the pillow was being sold (in every size and shape) as buy one, get one 50% off.

A relatively-comparable alternative is the GhostPillow Faux Down Pillow, which is regularly priced at $139 but on sale for $70. It has a microfiber gel fill, and a breathable cover made of 100% cotton. It’s a fluffy, squeezable pillow like the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow, and while it’s on sale, can save you quite a few bucks. However, it’s not available in different shapes and sizes

If you’d prefer a foam pillow and/or you tend to sleep hot, the Nolah Cooling Foam Pillow has cooling features, as well as a stylish design that allows it to be used without an additional pillowcase. In addition, the cover can be washed. It’s supportive, but not as squishy soft as the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow.

Sleep Number provides free shipping for the pillow. There’s also a 100-night trial, and a 1-year warranty. In comparison, GhostPIllow provides a 101-night trial period and a 5 year warranty, and Nolah provides a 30 day trial period and a 2 year warranty.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review: design and materials

  • Memory foam and down alternative fibers
  • 3 shape choices for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Breathable Lyocell blend cover

I chose the classic shape, which is recommended for stomach or back sleepers. However, there’s also an option to get the curved pillow, which provides enhanced support and works best for side or back sleepers (I’m testing the curved pillows in a future review). In addition, the ultimate shape has three removable inserts, which can be used for any type of sleeper since the inserts can be taken out (or left in) to customize the pillow. 

Close up of the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow

(Image credit: Future)

The Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow includes a blend of memory foam pieces and down alternative fibers. The memory foam pieces are moldable, so they fit the shape of my head and neck, and also bounce back when I move your head. The down alternative fibers are designed to imitate the luxurious feel of down. However, alternative or faux down tends to cost less. It’s also a great choice for people who may be allergic to down.

Image 1 of 2

Two Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows in their delivery box

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Image 2 of 2

A pair of Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows in plastic bags

(Image credit: Future)

Delivery was uneventful, and set-up was quick and easy, since the pillows were not compressed, so they didn’t need time to expand, and I didn’t have to deal with any potential off-gassing. However, I do want to note that Sleep Number takes presentation very seriously. I was impressed with the individual cloth bags inside of the delivery box. These zippered bags added an extra layer of hygienic protection, and were convenient when storing or transporting the pillows.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review: care and allergies

The pillows cannot be machine washed (only the ultimate shape pillow has a removable cover that can be machine washed). Spot cleaning is recommended for the classic and curved shapes.

The down alternative material is quite suited for someone with allergies, since it’s not actual down – which serves as an allergen for some people. In fact, the pillows are actually hypoallergenic.

Two Two Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows side by side on a bed

(Image credit: Future)

The pillow contains CertiPUR-US certified foam, which means that it was made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, phthalates, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, and meets the low VOC emissions standard for indoor air. It’s also screened to be free for fire retardants and other chemicals that have been classified as mutagens or reproductive toxins, or carcinogens.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review: comfort & support

  • Thick and plush, but not too plush
  • Best for side or back sleepers
  • Bounces back and does not need refluffing

For over two weeks, I slept on a pair of Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows to see how comfortable and supportive they were. The pillows were very plush, akin to sleeping on a cloud. As a result of the memory foam, the pillows molded to the shape of my head and neck, and when I changed positions, they quickly bounced back and proceeded to cradle me in my next position. And since the pillows contains down alternative, they felt luxurious, and were breathable.

Two Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows on a bed

(Image credit: Future)

The pillows are a mid-loft version that’s not too high and not too low. In side and back positions, it supported me well. However, it may have been too high to provide consistent support for someone who always sleeps on their side. (The ultimate shape would do a better job for side sleepers).

I did not need to re-plump the pillows, due to the combination of fill contents in it. This pillow would be great for the average customer who sleeps on their back or side. It may be too high for petite sleepers. 

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review: temperature regulation

The Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows have a breathable Lyocell blend cover. Since neither the fill nor the cover trapped heat, the pillows didn’t get hot while sleeping – even though, as you can see from the photos, I was underneath plenty of bedding.

A hand on a Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow

(Image credit: Future)

The pillows didn’t necessarily feel cool to the touch, but I was satisfied that they were not making me hot either, since they were breathable, which allowed any heat to escape. I tested the pillows during the fall season, which in Birmingham, AL is comfortable enough to turn off the HVAC.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow review: specs

Should you buy the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow?

Buy it if...

 You want the best of both worlds: The pillow contains both memory foam and alternative down for a unique experience. It’s luxurious and smooth, while also being squishy, soft and supportive.

✅ You prefer down alternative to down: If you’re allergic to down, you’ll appreciate that the pillow mimics down, but it’s hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t have any of the allergens that may cause you discomfort. Also, it doesn’t have any feathers to protrude and poke you.

 You want a luxurious feel: The high-end pillows aren’t as expensive as many other types of high-end pillows, so this is an opportunity to upgrade your existing pillows without breaking the bank. You can get a pair of pillows that you won’t have to replace every year.

Don't buy it if...

❌ You’re strictly a side sleeper: The pillow works best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. If you always sleep on your side, you might not find the height to provide the right combination of support and comfort. (However, the curved shape is designed for side or back sleepers and the ultimate shape is adjustable, so it can be customized for side sleepers as well.)

❌ You like to adjust the fill: If you get the classic shape, you won’t be able to unzip the cover and remove or add fill. So, if you don’t think the amount of fill is suitable for your needs, keep in mind that you’re stuck with that loft. The ultimate shape pillow is adjustable, but if you want another option try the Layla Kapok Pillow.

 You like to wash your pillows and covers: You can’t wash the pillow, and you can’t even unzip the cover and wash it (although I used to toss the pillows in the dryer on the sanitize setting and it didn’t appear to affect performance). The cover is hypoallergenic if that helps, but if you want a fully washable option the GhostPillow Faux Down Pillow could be a good alternative.

How I tested the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow

I slept on the Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillows for over two weeks, testing for performance, comfort, and support. These tests were conducted during the fall season. Since I tend to sleep hot – but I love all of the stylish fall and winter bedding – I slept with the HVAC off to avoid getting overly hot in my mild climate.

Emma Premium Pillow hands-on review
12:00 pm | March 16, 2024

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Emma Premium Pillow review: two-minute review

The Emma Premium Pillow is a foam pillow that contains three inserts. One side is a firm, 'ThermoSync' foam designed for hot sleepers, the other is a softer foam, and there's a layer in the middle that can be removed to adjust the loft to suit your frame and sleep style. 

I haven't been able to sleep on it yet, but I did get a chance to poke, prod, and lie on it during a visit to the Emma HQ. In this hands-on review I'll go through my first impressions, who it might suit, and how it compares to the rest of the best pillows on the market.

The overall feel is one of firm, uniform support. The two sides do feel different: the ThermoSync side is a little firmer and slower moving; the other side is a little softer and bouncier. However, neither side is particularly plush, so this isn't the right choice if you want a pillow you sink into.

I was impressed with my first impressions of the cooling properties. It's not possible to assess temperature regulation properly without sleeping on a pillow, but I've also tested this ThermoSync foam more thoroughly for my Emma Premium topper review and was impressed with the cooling there.

Emma Premium Pillow on a mattress

(Image credit: Future)

With all inserts inside, the loft is high – I suspect too high for most situations. However, the inside sections can be removed to lower the loft, which means it could theoretically suit anyone, from a broad-shouldered side sleeper to a petite back sleeper. 

Price-wise, we're in the premium bracket here. While the adjustability, along with extras like a 30-night sleep trial, help justify that price, there are plenty of lower-cost options that tick similar boxes if it's out of your budget. Read on for my full Emma Premium Pillow hands-on review.

Emma Premium Pillow review: price & value for money

  • Premium price bracket
  • RRP of £115 for standard size
  • Free delivery, 2 year guarantee and 30-night trial

At £115, the Emma Premium pillow sits firmly in our premium price bracket. The extras do help amp up your value for money – you'll get a 30 night sleep trial, for instance. Trials are common with mattresses but rare for pillows. There's also free delivery and a two-year guarantee. 

Still, there are plenty of cheaper, great quality alternatives, which makes the pricing here a little hard to justify. If foam pillows are your thing, our top-rated Rem-Fit 500 Cool Gel pillow is typically around half the price, and the Levitex Sleep Posture pillow is a fair bit cheaper too. 

someone pressing on the surface of the Emma Premium Pillow

(Image credit: Emma)

Emma Premium Pillow review: design & materials

  • 3 foam layers, including one cooling foam and one softer foam
  • Layers can be removed to adjust height
  • Removable 'UltraDry-Plus' cover

The Emma Premium Pillow is an all-foam design with three internal layers. On one side is grey 'Premium ThermoSync' foam, which is designed to be cooling. The other side isn't specifically temperature regulating, and it's softer than the ThermoSync foam, for those who prefer a more plush feel. Sandwiched between the two is a layer of 'HRX (High Resiliency Extra) Foam, which is really just there for extra height. 

The idea is that you can flip the pillow to give different feels and functions, or remove layers to adjust the height. 

Exploded diagram showing layers inside the Emma Premium Pillow

(Image credit: Emma)

On the Emma website, these foam layers are shown in individual casings, but on the pillow I tried out, these were absent – it was just the bare foam. We've noticed inconsistencies with these protective casings when testing other Emma Pillows; it seems to be a bit of a lucky dip whether you get them or not. When they're not there, I think the bare foam feels a little too delicate, and if you were taking the foam inserts in and out, I'd be concerned about them getting damaged, or snagged in the zip.

Emma Premium Pillow unzipped to show foam layers inside

(Image credit: Future)

The whole thing is wrapped in a cover made from 'UltraDry-Plus' fabric, which is 98 per cent polyester and 2 per cent elastane). It looks and feels like the fabric used on Emma's mattresses, and my opinion is that it's fine and functions well, but doesn't seem especially luxurious. The cover can be zipped off and washed at 60C, which is hot enough to kill dust mites. The interior foam layers can't be washed, but that's standard for foam pillows.

Close up of piping on Emma Premium Pillow

(Image credit: Future)

Emma Premium Pillow review: comfort & performance

  • Very high loft with all inserts inside
  • Both sides really quite firm (although soft side is a bit more plush)
  • ThermoSync foam is cool to touch

The idea is that you can flip this pillow to give two different feels, thanks to the different foam layers. So let's start with the grey ThermoSync side. I judged this to be a really firm foam. Concentrated pressure – for example from an elbow – went in easily, but if I pressed my whole hand (or head) against it, I struggled to make much of an indentation. 

The feel is fairly responsive; you won't sink into it, but it does take a moment to return to its original shape once pressure is removed. This side was a bit too solid for my preferences.

However, I was more impressed with the temperature regulation properties. There are lots of claims made about cooling foams, but Emma's ThermoSync really seems to work. The surface of the foam actually feels cool to the touch, and beneath my head on when I lay on it in the Emma showroom. The real test of this is to sleep on it, of course, but I'm optimistic based on what I saw during my hands-on time with this pillow, and also based on my time reviewing the Emma Premium topper, which uses the same foam. 

The other side doesn't have these thermoregulating properties and promises a softer feel. The difference in firmness is noticeable compared to the grey side, although I'd still consider it to be medium-firm – don't expect something ultra-squishy. It's also springier and more responsive than the other side. When you remove pressure, it returns to shape immediately. 

There's nothing on the cover to indicate which side is which, so you'll need to figure it out based on touch, or unzip the pillow to peek inside. 

Emma Premium Pillow

(Image credit: Future)

With all three foam inserts in place, this is a high-loft pillow. I found it far too high when lying on my back and stomach, and also too high for side sleeping. For context, I'm 5ft 8, not especially broad shouldered, and I tend to just sleep with one pillow. Broad-shouldered side sleepers might need a pillow of this depth for proper support, but I suspect most people will want to take the central insert out to get it to a comfortable height. The fact that this pillow is easily adjustable is a win, though. 

Because it's foam, it doesn't need re-plumping, and should provide consistent support all night. 

Emma Premium Pillow specs

Should you buy the Emma Premium Pillow?

Buy it if...

✅ You sleep hot: The ThermoSync side of the Emma Premium pillow shows a lot of promise when it comes to keeping the sleeper cool. That's not the case with all foam pillows. 

✅ You prefer a firmly supportive pillow: Although one side is a little plusher than the other, the overall feel here is of firm, consistent support.

✅ You're a broad-shouldered side sleeper: With all the foam inserts in place the Emma Premium pillow is pretty tall. It can be adjusted to make it suitable for different body frames and sleep positions, but should appeal in particular to those seeking a chunky pillow. 

Don't buy it if...

❌ You prefer a squishy pillow: One side of the Emma Premium is softer than the other, but neither is particularly plush. Something like the REM-Fit 500 Cool Gel Pillow has more give, and you still get those cooling features.

 You prefer a traditional pillow: Moulded foam isn't for everyone. If you want a plump-able pillow, check out the Emma Premium Microfibre pillow, which is filled with down-alternative stuffing. You can still remove inserts to adjust the height.

❌ You're on a budget: If the (admittedly high) price tag is a bit much, there are plenty of cheaper options that offer similar features and cost less. Our best pillow guide is a good place to start.

Aura smart sleep mask review
12:56 pm | March 13, 2024

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Aura smart sleep mask: two-minute review

The Aura smart sleep mask uses light and sound to transform a basic eye mask into a mindful, immersive experience. I tried sleeping with the Aura mask for a week, and as someone uses an eye mask every night, I was excited to see whether a smart upgrade really could improve my rest.

Crafted with integrated speakers and an in-built ‘glow’ light, the sleep mask connects to the Aura app to provide a customizable sleep experience. You can mix and match ASMR sounds, guided meditations, and nature soundscapes to craft a meditative wind-down routine, while in the morning, the sunrise function gently wakes you up with light and sound.

The basic design of the Aura mask is excellent. The sculpted interior ‘Hug’ cushion keeps the pressure off your face and blocks light completely, while the anti-slip straps hold the mask in place even over restless nights. Back and side sleepers should be able to get comfortable, but stomach sleepers are likely to find the mask presses into the face.

A side view of the Aura smart sleep mask

A side view of the Aura smart sleep mask (Image credit: Future)

Thanks to the blackout effect and calming sounds, it’s easy to get immersed in the Aura experience. If you’re struggling to find a mindful headspace before bed, the Aura separates you from the outside world while encouraging relaxation. And with a lightweight build and easy charging method, you can take the Aura’s calming techniques with you when you travel.

However, it’s expensive for a sleep mask, and I’m not sure the features entirely justify the price. There are some issues with the user experience and the app is basic, which seems at odds with the price tag. The Aura is a product like no other, and if you want a more mindful bedtime routine (especially on the go) it might be worth the money. But if it’s just better sleep you’re after, a basic eye mask is probably the better starting place. 

I tested the Aura smart sleep mask in Midnight Black, which is available for pre-order and will be released 14th March. The Aura smart sleep mask original was launched in November 2023. and is available for purchase from Aura.

Aura smart sleep mask: price

  • MSRP US$358 / £285 / €339.95, often discounted to US$229 / £182 / €218.95
  • Aura app is free to use
  • 1 year warranty for the mask, Hug insert has a 3 month warranty

The Aura smart sleep mask has an MSRP of $329, although it’s regularly discounted, so don’t expect to pay full price. Aura has previously discounted the original sleep mask by up to 40 per cent, taking it down to $199.

Even at a discount, this is an expensive buy, especially considering a basic sleep mask is only a few dollars. However, the Aura is pretty unique. While blackout masks, sleep masks with integrated speakers, and sunrise alarm clocks exist separately, as far as I can tell the Aura is the only one that combines all three.

Aura offers a one year warranty for the mask, while the interior insert has a three month warranty. The app is free to download and doesn’t require a subscription to use it. This gives you access to the full range of features at no extra cost – a welcome bonus, as you can’t use the mask without the app. It’s not unusual for smart products to charge an app subscription cost on top of the original price, so I certainly appreciate that the Aura doesn’t require this. 

Is the Aura mask worth it? Thinking of it less as a sleep mask with some added features and more as a sunrise alarm clock with a speaker, a blackout design, and excellent portability, the cost is somewhat justified. There are limited uses to the Aura, but for those after improved mindfulness before bed, the mask delivers.

Aura smart sleep mask: design

  • Magnetic 3D Hug insert relieves pressure at the eye area
  • Velcro strap for a secure fit
  • USB-C charger included

The Aura looks like a bigger, bulkier version of a standard sleep mask, but the simple design hides everything interesting happening underneath. Available in two colors – gray and black – the Aura has a sleek appeal. A few interesting colorways would be welcome, especially considering the price, but the overall look is stylish.

Inside sits a detachable 3D Hug band. This is a sculpted, cushioned band that sticks to the interior of the mask with a magnet, taking the pressure off the face while blocking all light. The outer material and the interior Hug are both soft against the skin, and the 3D effect prevents the mask from damaging the eyelashes. Straps at the back use velcro for an adjustable fit, with an anti-slip design to prevent the mask from moving around in the night. 

The interior of the Aura smart sleep mask, including hug cushion and glow bar

The straps use velcro to allow for a snug fit (Image credit: Future)

Hidden inside the mask is a set of ultra-slim speakers. Because the speakers aren’t set directly over the ears, there is some sound leakage – if you share a bed, your partner is likely to hear what’s coming from your mask, although not clearly. 

Sitting just in front of the eye line on the interior of the mask is a small ‘glow’ bar. This is a gentle light, but when the mask is closed, it does flood the space. It’s also not visible from the outside when wearing the mask.

Aura claims the battery lasts for seven nights of normal use, which I found accurate. However, the battery life does depend on usage – if you choose a particularly long soundscape, expect the battery to drain quicker. A light on the mask indicates when the battery is running low, and you can check battery life by connecting to the app. As the Aura charges directly via the cable, you can’t comfortably use the mask when it’s charging. 

A front view of the Aura smart sleep mask

The button on the front sits under the fabric, so you have to feel around for it (Image credit: Future)

Weighing 4.59oz (130g), this is heavier than your average sleep mask, but feels surprisingly light on the face. It’s also light and compact enough to travel with. The Aura does come with a small bag that I assume is for traveling, but it’s very hard to actually get the mask in there, so it might serve some other purpose I’m not aware of.

The interior Hug band is removable and can be machine or hand washed with mild detergent. Leave it to dry completely before reattaching to your mask. The mask itself is spot clean-only, and you should avoid getting it wet.

Aura smart sleep mask: features

  • 100 per cent blackout eye mask
  • Integrated speakers play customizable soundscapes
  • Glow light provides a sunrise alarm effect

At a basic level, the Aura is a 100 per cent blackout sleep mask. Thanks to the thick fabric and molded shape, no light can get in from any side, leaving you in total darkness. While it does rely slightly on the contours of your face roughly matching the Hug insert, for most people, the Aura should block essentially all light.

But this is the simplest function of the Aura. The Aura is a smart sleep mask, able to connect via Bluetooth to the Aura app to play sound, light, and act as an alarm. As well as white noise for sleep, the Aura offers guided meditations, nature soundscapes, and ASMR, which you can schedule and customize depending on whether you’re waking up, going to sleep, napping, or meditating. Because it uses Bluetooth, you can also play your own music through the Aura…  although I wouldn’t recommend it, as I’ll discuss in the performance section below.

The glow bar on the inside of the Aura smart sleep mask, surrounded by the 3D hug cushion

The 'glow' bar is small, but it fully lights up the interior of the mask (Image credit: Future)

As well as soundscapes, the Aura also contains a sunrise light. This gentle glow bar is located on the interior of the mask, and it pulses along with certain meditations and noises. It also acts as a sunrise alarm clock, with the light gradually increasing at your chosen wake-up time, for a gentle start to the morning. 

The Aura app has its own set of features, but it’s primarily used to control the Aura. While there’s a small sleep diary, its functions are minimal, and it primarily tracks your chosen wake-up and sleep times. The app also sends occasional notifications, indicating it’s time to nap, get ready for bed. These need a bit of fine tuning – I received a wake-up notification several minutes after the alarm had gone off, when I’d already disconnected the Aura and closed the app, for instance. 

Aura smart sleep mask: performance

  • Comfortable fit that stays in place during the night
  • Immersive experience from blackout design and speakers
  • App is basic and not particularly user-friendly

First, let’s talk about the Aura as a sleep mask. It’s soft against the face, with the velcro strap allowing you to create a close and secure fit. The inner Hug cushion is sculpted to the eye area and even with the straps as tight as they would go, it’s comfortable and won’t press against your eyes. An anti-slip coating prevents the Aura from moving during the night if, like me, you toss and turn.

This contoured fit prevents light from leaking in around the edges of the mask, creating a 100 per cent blackout effect. With the mask on, it’s honestly hard to tell if it’s day or night. As someone who struggles to sleep with even small amounts of light in the room, this is a real bonus. But this close fit did come with a slight downside – it could get warm.

The 3D cushioned Hug mask, removed from the Aura smart sleep mask

The 3D Hug cushion, which sits around the eye area (Image credit: Future)

Using the Aura app, I designed a series of soundscapes for meditation and to help me fall asleep. With white noise, meditation tracks, ASMR, and nature sounds to choose from, there’s enough variety to suit the majority of sleepers. It was fun to craft these soundscapes, and while I normally kept my sessions under the 30 minute mark, you could push it much longer if you wanted sounds to last for most of the night.

The in-built speakers gave the Aura something of a surround sound effect which, combined with the total blackout, made for a deeply immersive experience. I often struggle to concentrate during meditation – the urge to peek is just too strong. With the Aura, it was much easier to get into the serene headspace and stay there. Plus, because the mask was already on my face and the alarm was set, at the end of the soundscape, I simply had to lie down and go to sleep. No disruptions to my calm mood.

That’s at the start of the night. For the morning, you can use the app to set an alarm for your chosen wake-up time. When the time comes, the ‘glow’ light will gradually illuminate, simulating a sunrise, before the sound kicks in.

The Aura Smart sleep mask in the box it came in

The Aura sleep mask was easy to set up (Image credit: Future)

The wake-up is impressively effective, with the light and sound coming together to create the feeling of a natural beginning to the morning. I did find it a little slow at waking me up, but that’s by design – this isn’t the jarring alert of a standard alarm. However, I always set the alarm to start a few minutes before I actually wanted to wake up, so it had time to work. 

Aura claims the mask is side sleeper-friendly, and I found this largely accurate. Sometimes it took a minute of adjustment to get my head, the mask, and the pillow just right, but after that, the mask stayed comfortably in place. 

I also found it much easier to get comfortable when I switched my pillow. I usually sleep on a medium-firm, all-foam pillow. The foam gently contours to your head, but it doesn’t have a huge amount of give (read my Levitex pillow review to learn exactly what it’s like). When I used a feather pillow with more yield, there was less pressure from the mask overall. If you’re interested in the Aura, consider what’s the best pillow to suit this smart mask. 

The tester using the Aura sleep mask while lying on their back

The sleep mask is most comfortable for back sleepers (Image credit: Future)

Back sleepers shouldn’t have any issues with the mask, however, it’s not recommended for stomach sleepers. The sides of the mask press into the face, so unless you twist your neck all the way around, it's pretty uncomfortable in this position. 

Connecting the Aura to the app was easy, although I question why the power button is in the middle of the face, rather than along the top bar with the rest of the buttons. With the mask on, it’s hard to locate just where the button is. I spent the first part of any mindfulness session randomly pressing my face and hoping for the best. It’s easier to find when you don’t have the mask on, but then it’s a rush to get comfortable before your soundscape starts.

As it uses a Bluetooth connection, you can also use the Aura to listen to your own music or meditations. However, I don’t recommend it. While the speakers are fine for meditations and white noise, there are some obvious issues with sound quality when listening to music. It’s definitely not good enough to replace a set of headphones. 

The buttons at the top of the Aura smart sleep mask

The volume control and charging port are at the top of the mask (Image credit: Future)

The app itself has room for development. There’s a sleep diary with space to record my wake up time and sleep time, plus an emotion and a gratitude prompt. There's no real space to track your bedtime routine, and using the sleep diary isn’t hugely intuitive. Overall, the app could be more user-friendly – the design seems to prioritize minimalism over navigation, which did not put me in a very mindful place. However, I do appreciate that this is a free app, and as the Aura is a relatively new product, there’s plenty of time for development in this area.

The mask isn’t the most user-friendly design and it has limited uses. For example, while the immersive experience is great for meditation, the blackout effect means it’s no good during yoga. 

But used before bed, the Aura has some real benefits. The combination of blackout and sunrise light allows you to really tap into your circadian rhythms. At night, I could drift off in darkness, while in the morning, natural-seeming light helped gently wake me up. For meditation, the Aura can improve concentration for anyone with wandering thoughts, and I could see the same benefit if you’re struggling to sleep from stress or anxiety. By balancing mindfulness with real-world features, the Aura can be a helpful addition to the pre-bed routine.

Aura smart sleep mask: should I buy it?

Buy it if...

✅ You’re sensitive to light: Sleep masks are excellent at blocking light in the evening, making it easier to fall asleep. However, that same blackout effect can be problematic in the morning, when you need light to wake you up. The Aura navigates this issue by incorporating light into the mask itself, waking you up with a natural seeming daylight.

You struggle to concentrate during meditation: As someone who gets distracted easily during meditation, the Aura sleep mask helped me add some mindfulness to my bedtime. Surrounded by sound and with a total blackout, you’re pretty much forced to concentrate. And with the velcro straps keeping the mask close to your face, there’s no temptation to peek. 

You travel frequently: A lightweight build makes the Aura easy to travel with, while the total blackout effect and immersive soundscapes can help you relax even in unfamiliar, noisy, and bright environments. And thanks to the glow effect alarm, early morning flights might feel less disruptive (there’s even a pre-flight anxiety meditation).

Don't buy it if...

You’re on a tight budget: You could buy a lifetime's supply of standard sleep masks for the same price as the Aura. Of course, you won’t get the light and sound functions that make this smart mask standout, but if you just want a darker night, it’s not worth the money. And if only one of the smart features appeals to you (for example. Integrated speakers) there are cheaper options available. 

You sleep on your stomach: The sculpted face of the Aura sleep mask presses into the face in most stomach sleeping positions, requiring multiple adjustments to get comfortable. Whether you spend the entire night on your front or you're a combination sleeper who moves around, there are some sleep positions that just don’t work with the Aura.

You want all your sleep tracking in one place: The Aura app is free but basic and the sleep diary is bare bones. While I didn’t expect the app to track my sleep, I would have appreciated a little more functionality. Overall, it’s not the most intuitive design to use, and it seems like a missed opportunity. A functioning sleep diary plus more space to record your thoughts and mood would have really added to the experience.

Aura smart sleep mask: How I tested

I tested the Aura smart sleep mask for a week, using it both before bed as part of my wind-down routine and in bed to help me sleep and wake me up in the morning. I tested during a mild spring in Wales, in a room without blackout curtains. I also used the Aura around other people, to see how much sound traveled.

Zoma Hybrid mattress review 2024
10:00 am | March 10, 2024

Author: admin | Category: Computers Gadgets Health & Fitness Mattresses Sleep | Tags: , | Comments: Off

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: two-minute review

The Zoma Hybrid mattress is a 12-inch (30cm) tall hybrid mattress with memory foam and pocket springs, and is available in both the US and the UK. The brand is geared specifically towards using sleep for recovery, and promises 'cutting-edge sleep technology'. For this review, I slept on a UK king-size for four weeks, alongside my husband. I also ran several objective tests for performance aspects like pressure relief and edge support. The aim was to cut through the tech-talk and see how this model really matches up against the rest of today's best mattresses.

The overall feel is firmly springy. There is memory foam here, but it's paired with a bouncier foam layer and the overall feel is responsive, with minimal contouring. There's no indication of firmness on the Zoma website but I'd say it's around an 8.5 out of 10 (with 10 being the firmest). Myself and my husband (5ft 8 and 6ft 4 respectively, with a combined weight of  190kg) both found it far too firm for side sleeping, and it caused pressure to build up uncomfortably in our shoulders. It's far more comfortable for back sleeping, where the foams and coils help distribute weight evenly and keep the spine aligned. 

Zoma Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Zoma)

Elsewhere, the mattress performed well. The edges are nice and sturdy, so if you, like me, end up pushed to the side of the bed by a toddler in the middle of the night, you shouldn't have to worry about rolling off. I was also impressed by the temperature regulation; I had no issues with overheating during my review period. 

In terms of price, this mattress is almost always discounted (in the UK and the US) and generally sits in the mid-range price bracket. That's a good price for a hybrid model, but if it's a competitive bracket and there are cheaper models in our best hybrid mattress guide that offer similar quality. 

At time of writing, Zoma isn't a particularly well-known brand in the UK, but it has a following in the States with some high praises from athletes. I was impressed by some of the brand's sustainability practices in the UK – it offers free old mattress recycling and it has a 'zero waste to landfill' policy in its factories. For more details on these points, read on for my full Zoma Hybrid mattress review.

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: price & value for money

  • Never sold at full price; consistent discounts in both US and UK
  • Sits in the mid range, and well priced for a hybrid
  • ... although there is strong competition in this bracket

At ticket price, the Zoma Hybrid is getting into the premium mattress space. It is, however, very rarely sold at full price. In the US, expect $150 off all sizes, and in the UK there's usually £250 off. Based on the typical prices you'll actually pay, it sits in the mid-range price bracket in both the US and the UK. 

Here's the pricing for the Zoma, alongside the discounted price you can expect to actually pay. 

In the US:

  • Twin: MSRP $749 (usually sold at $599)
  • Full: MSRP $949 (usually sold at $799)
  • Queen: MSRP $1,149 (usually sold at $999)
  • King: MSRP $1,349 (usually sold at $1,199)
  • California King: MSRP $1,349 (usually sold at $1,199)

In the UK:

  • Single: £749 (usually sold at £499)
  • Double: £849 (usually sold at £599)
  • King: £949 (usually sold at £699)
  • Super king: £1,149 (usually sold at £899)

Overall, the mattress feels well made, and that's a decent price for a hybrid (most of today's best cheap mattresses tend to be all-foam models.). I have tested mattresses that suit my sleep style better and that I think are better value for money (read more in the alternatives section) but it's competitively priced in the wider market.

Although mattress sales happen year-round and Zoma's discounts tend to remain consistent most of the time, there are some events where you're more likely to see a bigger discount. The big one is the Black Friday mattress sales, which take place on the last Friday of November each year. In the US it's also worth checking the Memorial Day mattress sales in May, the 4th of July mattress sales, the Labor Day mattress sales in early September, and the Presidents' Day mattress sales in February. 

  • Value for money score: 3.5 out of 5

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: design & materials

  • Hybrid mattress with several types of foam and pocket coils
  • Breathable mesh fabric cover, not removable and no handles
  • 12" (30cm) tall, on all sizes, although review model was a bit shorter

The Zoma Hybrid is a hybrid of different foams and pocketed springs, and it's made in the US or UK (depending where you reside). The top layer is a memory foam that has been designed to provide targeted support and relieve pressure on joints. It's infused with gel to promote cooling. A layer down is something Zoma calls 'Reactiv'. It's designed to be responsive and bounce back quickly.

Zoma Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Zoma)

Underneath these two types of foam is where you'll find the hundreds (no specifics given) of 19cm pocketed coils. These are there to add stability and support, and will also allow air to move through the mattress, aiding with breathability. It looks like there may be a layer of base foam beneath the coils (there's reference to a 'high-density base layer' but again, no specifics are given). If you're not bothered by having coils, there's an all-foam version of this mattress available too.

Zip on side of Zoma Hybrid mattress

There's a zip, but Zoma says the cover shouldn't be removed (Image credit: Future)

The Zoma Hybrid is wrapped in a soft, breathable cover that it calls 'AirCloth'. This knitted material is designed to wick away heat and moisture. It's not removable or washable – there is a zip, but that's for manufacturing purposes only – and there's no non-slip gripping anywhere that I can see to help keep the mattress firmly on the bed base. It also doesn't have handles, which could be a problem if you need to move it at any time because it's pretty heavy.

Zoma Hybrid with tape measure showing depth of mattress

(Image credit: Future)

Officially it's 12 inches (30cm) tall, but I measured by review model in a few spots and it was only 11.2 inches (28.5cm). Regardless, it's still on the thicker side, so you'll probably need some deep-fitted sheets.

  • Design score: 4 out of 5

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: comfort & support

  • No firmness indicated on Zoma website, but I rate it 8.5 out of 10 (firm)
  • Most comfortable in a back sleeper position
  • Springy, responsive feel, with minimal contouring

I'd describe the Zoma Hybrid as having a 'firm bounce'. There is memory foam here, but it's paired with a bouncier foam layer and the overall feel is responsive. The foams contour slightly around the sleeper, but don't expect a body-hugging feel. The upper foam layers are thick, so you can't feel the coils through them. When the pressure is removed from the surface of the mattress, it returns to shape almost immediately. 

To test the firmness I placed my 10kg weight in the middle of the mattress; it sunk by 1.5 inches. Unusually, there's no indication on the Zoma website of how firm this mattress is. I emailed a rep and the rating they gave me was in our 'soft' bracket, but I'd completely disagree with that. Although it did soften up a bit over the course of our testing period, it's definitely a firm mattress – I'd rate it around an 8.5 out of 10 on firmness (with 10 being rock-hard). It's a contender for TechRadar's best firm mattress guide.

Reviewer lying on her side on the Zoma Hybrid mattress

(Image credit: Future)

Throughout the testing I found that I was most comfortable laying on my back, even though I am naturally a side sleeper and it took me a while to adapt to this new position. This was the same for my husband. When laying on my back it felt like my weight was more evenly distributed, and helped to realign my spine after hunching over a computer all day. 

However, laying on my side quickly became uncomfortable – I woke a couple of times in the night during testing with pins-and-needles on the side I was lying on. My husband experienced a similar thing. For reference, we have a combined weight of 198kg, and are taller than average; I'm 5ft 8 and my husband is 6ft 4. 

That's not really a surprise – the best mattresses for side sleepers tend to be a bit softer (between 5 and 7.5 out of 10 on firmness), to allow the shoulder to sink in a bit, and prevent pressure from building up in this area. Even though we typically like quite a solid mattress, my husband and I found it was far too firm for us. 

Zoma says there's no real weight limit on the mattress, but the general industry recommendation is 115kg per sleeper. However, I found myself rolling inwards towards my partner, who's the heavier of the two of us, in the night. 

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: performance

  • Great temperature regulation – no issues with overheating
  • Some motion transfer but only an issue for light sleepers
  • Excellent edge support

As well as taking into account the comfort and pressure relief of the Zoma Hybrid, for this review I have also focused on: temperature regulation (how hot or cool one feels on the mattress), motion isolation (how well it absorbs movements on the surface) and edge support (how sturdy the edge of the mattress is). Read on for my findings…

Temperature regulation

Memory foam can have a habit of clinging on to body heat, and many brands use fancy terminology to make it sound like you're getting a cooler option. The only way you'll know if it actually works or not is to either try it out, or read a review.

The memory foam in the Zoma Hybrid mattress is infused with gel, with the aim of aiding temperature regulation. Whether it's down to the gel or not, I found the Zoma did a great job of keeping me at a comfortable temperature. 

Zoma Hybrid mattress with reviewer's hand resting on it

(Image credit: Future)

I was in the middle of a new home renovation during my testing period, so I slept on the Zoma in cold UK winter temperatures either with no heating or with raging heating while waiting for a thermostat. I didn't wake once feeling hot during the night, which is a sign that this aspect of the mattress spec was performing as it should.

  • Temperature regulation score: 4.5 out of 5

Motion isolation

This is about how movement transfers across the mattress. If a mattress has poor motion isolation, you'll feel it when your bed-sharer turns over or gets into or out of bed. If you're a restless sleeper and/or share a bed, it's worth paying attention to this aspect of performance.

To try out the Zoma Hybrid for motion isolation I bravely put my 10kg weight next to a pint-sized glass with some water in it. The glass (almost) fell over at 3.5-inches, wobbled at 8-inches but was safe at 12-inches away from the weight.

Zoma Hybrid mattress with a weight and glass of water on it

(Image credit: Future)

I also tested out the motion isolation in the real world, by moving around in bed, and asking my husband to move around too. The bouncy feel means there is a bit of motion transfer. I could feel my partner changing position and getting in and out of bed, and vice versa, although there wasn't enough movement for it to bother either of us. If you're a particularly light sleeper, you might want to look for something with more complete motion isolation, however. It's also worth noting that the mattress tended to cause me to roll inwards towards my partner (who is heavier than I am).

  • Motion isolation score: 3 out of 5

Edge support

Edge support is an important factor to look out for because a sturdy edge means that you'll be able to comfortably sit on / push up off a mattress when getting up, as well as being able to sleep right up to the edge. To test the Zoma Hybrid for edge support I placed my 10kg as close to the edge as possible – it sank 2 inches, which is slightly less than the centre. That's a good result.

Zoma Hybrid mattress with a weight resting on it

(Image credit: Future)

I also tested out the edge support in a real-world scenario. I felt well supported when sitting on the edge of the bed, and also when lying right near the edge of the mattress when our toddler decided to squeeze into bed with us. Overall, I was impressed with the edge support here.

  • Edge support score: 4.5 out of 5

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: customer experience

  • Mattress delivered vacuum-packed and boxed; free delivery to door
  • Standard 10 year warranty and 100 night trial
  • Free old mattress removal in the UK

As a bed in a box mattress, the Zoma Hybrid is delivered vacuum-packed and rolled (if you're new to this kind of bed, read about the difference in our mattress in a box vs traditional mattress explainer). Zoma offers free delivery, but only to your front door. I can only speak for the UK delivery setup, but I was impressed with the company's communication – I received text messages a week prior to delivery (confirming delivery date) and then the day before delivery (with a more specific time slot).

Image 1 of 3

Zoma Hybrid mattress vacuum-packed and rolled in its box

(Image credit: Future)
Image 2 of 3

Zoma Hybrid mattress vacuum-packed and rolled on bed frame

(Image credit: Future)
Image 3 of 3

Zoma Hybrid mattressZoma Hybrid mattress vacuum-packed and unravelling on reviewer's bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

It's a shame there's no option to upgrade to a delivery that includes setup – some bed brands offer this as a paid-for extra, and a handful even include it for free. Although the box was much more compact than a non-vacuum-packed mattress would be, it was still mega heavy and definitely needed two people to lift it. 

There were no instructions or little pamphlets or even a little cutting tool to break the mattress free from the plastic wrapping. I found some scissors, and scored down the side of the plastic. The pressure of the vacuum-sealed mattress helped to force it out. Within a few minutes, the Zoma Hybrid was unwrapped and on the Livingstone Bed Base (also on review). It was pretty much ready to use straight out of the box, although the official advice from Zoma is to wait 4-6 hours before sleeping on it. There was no off-gassing.

If you're not entirely satisfied with your new Zoma Hybrid then you can return it, for free, after a 30-day period until the 100-night sleep trial ends. This 30-night mark stands because Zoma wants you to try it out for a minimum of a month to allow your body enough time to get used to it. Should you wish to return it within a month, you'll be charged $99/£79 shipping fee. 

Zoma Hybrid mattress unzipped, showing inside

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The 100-night trial is about the minimum offered by any of the big bed brands, although still long enough to try your mattress out thoroughly. Trials of 200 nights are fairly common now, and a few brands like Nectar give you a full year.

All Zoma mattresses also carry a 10-year warranty, which again is acceptable but not especially generous. During this time you're covered for a full repair or replacement, but the warranty only covers workmanship and structural defects – so no accidents.

An unusual perk is that Zoma offers free old mattress recycling. Old mattress removal is generally a paid-for extra, if it's offered at all, so this is good to see. In the UK, it's part of Zoma's commitment to sustainability – there, it repurposes all excess foam so there's zero waste to landfill. Any returned mattresses are recycled or refurbished. (This does not appear to be the case in the US.)

  • Customer experience score: 4 out of 5

Zoma Hybrid mattress specs

Zoma Hybrid mattress review: other reviews

  • 4.8* average over 1,217 reviews (Mar 2024), US / UK reviews combined
  • High praise for comfort, breathability and motion isolation
  • Some complaints of it being too firm

At the time of writing, Zoma mattresses hadn't been available to UK customers for very long, so all the reviews that we're available to sift through are from the US. As of March 2024 there were a total of just over 1,200 reviews, the majority of which were 5 stars, and all sang the same tune about comfort and coolness. It's ordered highest scores to lowest, so you'll need to head to the latter pages for any complaints. 

Here, I found a few reviews echo what I found. There are a few reviewers who found it too firm and uncomfortable for side sleeping, and found in led to aches and pains. One likened it to sleeping on a too-full air mattress.

Should you buy the Zoma Hybrid mattress?

Buy it if...

✅ You're a back sleeper: The Zoma Hybrid relieved pressure on achy muscles and joints when laying on our backs, with no sinking.

You like a super-firm mattress: This is one of the firmest mattresses I've tested, rating 8.5 out of 10 on firmness. If you want a super-sturdy bed, this is it.

Environmental impact is important to you: All Zoma mattresses are either made in the US or UK, depending on where you reside, and (in the UK at least) the brand has some admirable sustainability practices.

Alternatives to consider

❌ You're a side sleeper: The firm feel means most side sleepers will end up with pressure building up in their shoulder. I found it uncomfortable for side sleeping, and ended up having to shift onto my back. Other reviews reflect a similar experience.

You weigh more than average: I found myself rolling towards the (heavier) weight of my husband in the night. If you share a bed and one or more of you is heavier in body weight then this isn't a great choice – our guide to the best mattresses for bigger bodies has some great specialist models.

You want a joint-hugging feel: There's not much contouring here. If you want that body-hugging sensation, our guide to the best memory foam mattresses has plenty of recommendations. 

Alternatives to consider

Rem-Fit 400 Hybrid mattress
The closest rival that I have tested to the Zoma Hybrid is the Rem-Fit 400 Hybrid. You'll usually pay around £450 for a UK double, so it's a fair bit cheaper than the Zoma. It stands for a similar purpose to the Zoma which is to help users 'recover'. I found that this mattress was far more comfortable for a side-sleeper, with reduced motion transfer compared to the Zoma. 

Simba Hybrid Original mattress
I also vouch for the Simba Hybrid (UK-only). It's typically a bit pricier than the Zoma but worth every penny: fabulous edge-support, good motion isolation and superb support. Head to TechRadar's Simba Hybrid mattress review to find out more.

How I tested the Zoma Hybrid mattress

Myself and my husband slept exclusively on the UK king size Zoma Hybrid for four weeks. The review period coincided with a new house renovation, and the testing process was during February when there were some cold nights in the UK (when we had no heating) and warm nights (when the heating needed some fine-tuning). I also ran a series of tests to measure the edge-to-edge support and motion transfer.

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  • First reviewed: February 2024
Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review
3:00 pm | March 3, 2024

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Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper: two-minute review

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a three-inch thick, medium-firm topper from this well respected, luxury sleep brand. I slept on a king size topper for two weeks in February to see how it performs in practice, and how it compares to the rest of the best mattress toppers on the market. 

Having written a Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress review recently, and knowing that Saatva is the brand behind TechRadar's #1 best mattress, I was excited to test out this topper option. Saatva positions the Graphite Memory Foam topper as having “advanced cooling technology” and a “body hugging feel.” I found it delivered a cozy sleep experience, no matter which sleep position you prefer. 

In addition to relieving some minor aches and pains, this topper will either improve your existing mattress' motion isolation capabilities, or at the least, maintain them. However, while it may be positioned as a cooling topper, I found it failed in this endeavor, which makes it hard to justify the high price tag.

A 180-night trial and free delivery sounds great, but be warned that you only get a one-year limited warranty and there is a $99 fee if you need to return it. All in all, if you’re more concerned with comfort than cooling properties, the Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper is worth the buy. However, hot sleepers should look elsewhere. Read below to learn more in my full Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review.

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper on a bed

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Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review: design & materials

  • 3-inch-tall topper with memory foam infused with graphite
  • Organic cotton cover with antimicrobial treatment
  • Straps at corners hold it in place

The bulk of this Saatva topper design is CertiPUR-US certified memory foam infused with graphite, which provides a supportive feel, pressure relief, and cooling properties. The graphite, combined with an organic cotton cover that wicks away moisture and contributes to breathability, are the main cooling features. Although the topper can only be spot-cleaned, at least it has an antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew. (It's probably worth adding one of the best mattress protectors to make cleaning easier.)

The corner of the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper on a bed

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This three-inch-thick mattress topper gave my 10-inch mattress some additional height. It blends naturally with my mattress and stays in place with four straps at the corners. 

The Graphite Memory Foam option is one of a number of different toppers available at Saatva – for a run-down of the rest of the range, and who they might suit, head to TechRadar's article exploring 'Which Saatva topper should I buy?'

Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review: price & value for money

  • Premium priced with a one-year limited warranty and 180-night trial
  • Not the most expensive or budget-friendly that Saatva offers
  • Rarely discounted

At $445 for a queen-size, the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper is very much a premium mattress topper. Saatva offers another topper at the same price, two more that are cheaper, and one that’s more expensive. 

Based on the materials, I can understand why it’s priced as a premium topper. However, when it’s touted as a cooling topper and doesn’t succeed in that department, I can’t say confidently that the price matches the quality. Here are the list prices for each size of the mattress.

  • Twin: MSRP $325
  • Twin XL: MSRP $325
  • Full: MSRP $405
  • Queen: MSRP $445
  • King: MSRP $565
  • Split King: MSRP $650
  • Cal King: MSRP $565

While Saatva mattress sales and deals happen pretty much constantly, it's very rare that the toppers will be included. 

On the larger market, it’s in the same price bracket (though slightly cheaper than) the Avocado Organic Latex Mattress Topper ($664 for the queen size). The Tempur-Adapt Topper has nearly the same MSRP, but there are semi-regular 40% off deals that make it much more affordable (head to TechRadar's Tempur-Adapt Topper review for more on that one) . 

A close-up shot of the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper's cover

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Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review: comfort & performance

  • Medium firm and supportive feel for all sleep styles
  • Retains lots of heat
  • Improves edge support and has good motion isolation capabilities

While I have a supportive organic latex mattress (about a 5.5 on the firmness scale), the Saatva topper was slightly firmer. On a 10-point scale, I’d give it a 6.5 firmness rating as it had a cozy, body-hugging feel that was supportive, but not hard by any means. For reference, I’m 5'5" and weigh 170lbs. A friend who is smaller than me slept on the topper and agreed that it has a medium firm feel. She rated it as a 6.

A wine glass on the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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While Saatva says that the Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper is best suited to side sleepers, I slept better on my stomach and back. In fact, it wasn’t until the second week that the topper had softened enough for me to sleep comfortably on my side. 

I felt as if the topper reinforced the edges of my mattress, which is good news if you want or need a sturdy edge to help you get up in the morning. In addition, the topper also has great motion isolation capabilities. I tested this by placing a wine glass in the center, and then getting in and out of bed and changing sleep positions near the glass. The glass never wobbled.

A hand pressing down on the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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Designed with memory foam infused with graphite and a breathable organic cotton cover, this mattress topper is supposed to offer top-tier temperature regulation. Unfortunately, it trapped so much heat that I slept uncomfortably, even with just a microfiber sheet covering me at night. I tested the topper in February and generally had to sleep with the fan on, especially after I woke up more than one night sweating. When a friend visited, I had her lay down on the topper on my bed and the first thing she said was, “Your bed is really warm.”

Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review: customer experience

  • Free delivery but $99 fee for returns 
  • 180-night trial and 1-year limited warranty
  • Vacuum-packed and rolled for delivery, but box not secure and heavy

While the mattress topper arrived by free delivery in a cardboard box, the box wasn’t secure. One of the cardboard flaps broke free of the paper tape. At least the box and tape were recyclable. The box was pretty heavy, but once I'd got it to my room, it was easy to remove the topper, which was rolled and vacuum sealed in plastic. The topper gained its full shape within a few hours, and yet, I noticed that the memory foam didn’t quite fill up the cover, leaving some wrinkles on the top.

Image 1 of 3

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper in its delivery box

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper in its delivery box (Image credit: Future)
Image 2 of 3

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper rolled up in plastic wrap

The topper rolled up in plastic wrap (Image credit: Future)
Image 3 of 3

The Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper on a bed just after being unpacked

... and on a bed just after being unpacked (Image credit: Future)

Upon removing it from its package, the topper had a noticeable woodsy, earthen smell. I don’t consider it an off-gassing or chemical smell, but I smelled the same thing when I previously tested a Saatva mattress. The smell was so overpowering on this topper (and caused my head to ache), that I couldn’t sleep on it for three days. After two weeks, the smell has now faded enough that it doesn’t disrupt my sleep. A friend of mine did not notice the smell after I had been using the topper for a week.

In addition to a 180-night trial, Saatva offers a one-year limited warranty, which is not typical for a premium topper. I’ve seen other luxury brands offer anywhere from three to 10-year warranties on their toppers – and Saatva itself has a forever warranty on its mattresses, so it's odd that its topper warranty is so stingy in comparison. Not to mention, it’s a little disappointing that there is a $99 processing fee to return the topper. I should also note that the brand doesn’t allow for exchanges – if you want to swap for another option, you must return the topper and then order a different one.

Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper review: specs

Should you buy the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Buy it if...

✅ You and your partner have different sleep styles: Neither you nor your partner will sacrifice good sleep as this topper will suit stomach, back, and side sleepers. Side sleepers may need to give their bodies a week to get used to it. 

✅ Your existing mattress is very soft or very firm: This topper sits right in the middle of the firmness scale, which means it’ll firm up a very soft mattress or soften a very firm mattress.

✅ You want to know your mattress topper isn’t breeding mildew, mold, or bacteria: Thanks to an antimicrobial treatment, your topper will be free of mildew, mold, and bacteria – which is good since you can only spot clean this topper.

Don't buy it if...

❌ You sleep hot: For someone who doesn’t get warm or hot when they sleep, there were many nights where I woke up sweating while sleeping on this Saatva topper. The Brooklyn Bedding Microcoil Mattress Topper may offer a cooler night’s rest due to a 0.75-inch layer of micro coils.

 You want a super soft sleep experience: This topper is suited to stomach and back sleepers, so you know it has a medium-firm, supportive feel. The Tempur-Adapt Mattress Topper is known to offer a softer sleep experience.

❌ You’re on a budget: This is not a budget-friendly topper by any means. Save a pretty penny by going with the LinenSpa Gel-Infused Mattress Topper, which may result in a cooler sleep since it’s infused with gel.

How I tested the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper

I slept on a king-sized Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress for two weeks in February in Texas. There were a mix of cold and warm nights during that time, and while I generally sleep with a comforter and sheet, I had to forgo the comforter to sleep on this topper comfortably. Additionally, I had a friend sleep on the topper one night and provide me feedback.

Read more about how we test

Emma Premium topper review
11:12 am | February 25, 2024

Author: admin | Category: Computers Gadgets Health & Fitness Mattresses Sleep | Comments: Off

Emma Premium topper: Two-minute review

The Emma Premium Mattress Topper is a chunky, 9cm-deep foam topper that promises to boost in-bed comfort without trapping heat. I slept on this topper for two weeks to see if it could deliver on those claims, as well as to judge how it compares to the rest of the best mattress toppers on the market. We rate Emma to be among the best mattress brands on the market (discover the reasons for this in our Emma mattress review and Emma NextGen Premium review), so I was excited to see how this topper performed in practice. 

Overall, I was impressed. While it isn't the right fit for me specifically, I believe it will be the ideal topper for certain groups of people. The two layers of foam deliver a plush, squashy feel that's great for lightweight people, some side sleepers, and anyone who is already a fan of a soft mattress. It's also thick enough to totally transform the feel of your existing bed. It's less well suited to heavier individuals and back or stomach sleepers, who (like me) might find the feel too soft, and lacking in support. 

Price is another potential sticking point; it's fluctuated quite dramatically while I've been testing and writing this review, although it has remained in the premium price bracket. The quality and the fact it's thick enough to transform your existing mattress go some way to justifying the higher price, but there are plenty of cheaper options for those on a budget. Read on for my full Emma Premium Topper review. 

Emma Premium Topper

(Image credit: Future)

Emma Premium Topper review: Design

  • Thick, 9cm depth topper with two different layers of foams
  • Polyester cover can be removed and washed at 40C
  • No straps or elasticated skirt to keep the topper in place

The Emma Premium Topper has a generous depth of 9cm. Unless your current mattress is pancake thin, it will probably require the purchase of extra-deep sheets. I added it to a 28cm mattress, with the topper taking things to slightly comical heights (I almost had to hop up into bed, and I'm not a short person).  

Inside, you'll find two layers of foam: a thinner top layer of ThermoSync foam and a thicker bottom level of comfort foam. The uppermost foam is infused with graphite, to aid with temperature regulation (it also features in Emma's cooling mattress, which you can read about that in our Emma Luxe Cooling mattress review). 

Emma Premium Topper zipped open to show foams inside

(Image credit: Future)

The cover is made from 98 per cent polyester and 2 per cent elastane, and it can be removed using the zip and washed at 40C – which isn't quite hot enough to kill off dust mites, but still helpful if you're prone to spillages. The cover isn't suitable for tumble drying, bleaching or ironing. I'd still be tempted to add one of the best mattress protectors, for even easier cleaning. 

The base is made from a textured, slightly plasticky material. The topper is described as being flippable, but I'm pretty sure that's an error – I certainly wouldn't want to sleep on that base fabric. Although it's no good for lying on, the textured surface feels nice and durable, and does a good job of keeping the topper in place on the bed. This is good news, since there are no straps or other method of attaching it to your bed.

Emma Premium Topper, pulled up to show grippy base fabric

(Image credit: Future)

During my review, I topped it with a mattress protector with an elasticated skirt, and used a fitted sheet. All that, combined with the grippy base, kept the topper in place effectively. It all felt secure, and I never once had to reposition it during the two-week test period. I'm not sure how well it would fare just with a flat sheet, though. 

The Emma Premium Topper is available in UK single, small double, double, king, and super king sizes. At the time of writing, there's one other topper in the Emma range – the Flip Topper, which is thinner at 6cm and can be flipped to give a softer or firmer feel. It's also very pleasing to say out loud. 

Emma Premium Topper review: Price & value for money

  • Sits in the premium price bracket; price has fluctuated
  • At maximum price, almost as expensive as a full mattress
  • Thickness and quality of materials somewhat justifies higher pricing

Since I started writing this review, the Emma Premium Topper's pricing has changed quite considerably. At time of my original draft, a double cost £330, but by the time I was ready to publish, this had shot up to £419. Our premium price bracket for toppers is anything above £200 for a double, so it's definitely a pricey option. There are regular Emma mattress sales, but the toppers aren't usually discounted.

At time of publishing, here are the RRPs for the main sizes:

  • Single: £289
  • Small double: £349
  • Double: £419
  • King: £459
  • Super king: £509

The topper is thick enough to justify being in that premium bracket; it feels very well made, and it will totally change the feel of your bed. However, I'm not sure it's worth over £400. Some of today's best cheap mattresses cost less than that – in fact, a double Emma Original mattress is only slightly pricier.

Emma Premium Topper review: Comfort & performance

  • Squishy, sink-in, contouring feel
  • Thick, so will make your sleep surface feel unstable 
  • Best for side sleepers and those who love a soft mattress

Emma's Premium Topper has a plush, squishy feel, and that softness is enhanced as a result of its thickness. The Emma brand is known for making some of the best memory foam mattresses around, and you're getting some of that magic here. The foam contours gently around the sleeper's joints, gently cushioning and relieving pressure. 

Although the feel of a topper will be affected by what's beneath it, because this one is so thick, it has a pretty transformative effect. It's chunky enough to mask any lumps and bumps in an existing mattress – and if your bed is far too firm, then it will sort that right out, too. 

Emma Premium Topper with reviewer lying on it

(Image credit: Future)

I'm 5ft 8in tall, of average build, and typically go to sleep on my back but switch to my side in the night. I found this topper too soft to lie on for long periods on my back, as my hips sank too far in and left my back unsupported. It was more comfortable when lying on my side.

That all makes sense: the best mattresses for side sleepers are often a little softer, to prevent pressure from building up in the hip and shoulder while continuing to keep the spine aligned; back and stomach sleepers need something firmer, however, to maintain that neutral spinal position. 

Some memory foams have a "quicksand" feel, where they're slow to respond to changes in pressure. That's not really the case here – if I press on the surface and remove my hand, it springs back quickly, and I'm not left with an outline of a handprint in the surface. However, the softness of the foam layers and the overall thickness of the topper mean that the sleep surface can feel a bit unstable, making it slightly tricky to change position.

Emma Premium Topper with weight resting on it to show sinkage

(Image credit: Future)

I would be wary of recommending this topper to heavier individuals, since I often felt that I wasn't quite supported enough. This lead to aches and pains in the morning – maybe the result of shifting about on that slightly unstable surface, perhaps ending up twisting in a sub-optimal sleep position. However, if you're of lighter body weight, or generally just know you get on well with a softer mattress, then this plush topper may prove perfect for you. 

Note, too, that the softness and thickness of the topper is particularly noticeable around the edges. Many mattresses come with edge reinforcements; that's never really a feature on a topper, with most shallow enough not to matter. If you need a sturdy edge to push up off when rising in the morning, you might get on better with a thinner or firmer topper. 

Close up of cover fabric on Emma Premium Topper

(Image credit: Future)

A common issue with memory foam is that it can cling on to body heat, but I'm pleased to report that I didn't have any problems with the Emma Premium Topper running hot. I found it warmed to a neutral body temperature and stayed that way. I will add the caveat that during testing it was about the coldest overnight temperatures ever seen in my part of England – around -1C, or sometimes colder – so not the best conditions in which to test this properly. Even with that considered, I think the cooling properties of this topper are solid.

Emma Premium Topper review: Customer experience

  • Free delivery and returns, 100-night trial and 10-year guarantee
  • Vacuum-packed and rolled for delivery, but still heavy to move

The Emma Premium Topper arrived rolled and vacuum-packed in plastic, and in a box. I was surprised at how big and heavy it was. Many would be right to assume that a topper will be very portable; but at 9cm thick, it adds up to quite a volume of foam (I tested a double size).

Sometimes, foam bed-in-a-box mattresses give off an odour known as off-gassing when released from their wrappings. While harmless, it can be unpleasant. However, there was no reason for concern here: if I stuck my nose right into it, there was a faint "new mattress" smell, but nothing overpowering. Note that experiences can vary from person to person, even with the same product.

The trial period is generous at 100 nights. That's in line with the shortest full mattress trial periods.

Emma Premium Topper specs

Should I buy the Emma Premium Topper?

Buy it if...

✅ You want your mattress to be much softer: This topper is thick, and plush. You could probably lie it on a concrete floor and happily sleep on it.

You're a lightweight side sleeper: This level of squishiness is best suited to side sleepers and those of light body weight. When lying on your side, the foam contours around your joints and prevents pressure building up in the shoulder. 

You have a bumpy old mattress: At 9cm thick, the Emma Premium Topper is deep enough to mask all manner of ills beneath it. 

Don't buy it if...

You lie on your back or stomach: This topper is likely to be too soft for most back or stomach sleepers, especially if they're on the heavier side. Generally, those positions require a medium-firm or firm feeling bed to keep the spine properly supported. 

❌ You have mobility problems: The depth and plushness of the Emma Premium Topper means it will make your mattress super squishy, as a result making it difficult to change position. It will also make the edges of your bed softer and less supportive, which might be an issue if you like to sit on the edge of the bed or use it to push up off when getting up in the morning. 

You already have a deep mattress: At 9cm thick, this is one deep topper. Add it to an already thick mattress (such as mine) and your bed quickly starts to look ridiculous. You'll need deep sheets to cover both the topper and your mattress – and, depending on how tall you are and the height of your frame, you genuinely might have to end up having to hop into bed each night.

How I tested the Emma Premium Topper

I slept slept on the Emma Premium Topper every night for two weeks. I added it to a Brook + Wilde Elite mattress (firm feel) and used a thin mattress protector and fitted sheet, along with a duvet and cotton bedding. It was winter during my review period, and very cold overnight – temperatures dipped to -1C on occasion. The temperature in my flat was pretty warm, however. 

Read more about how we test

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