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Apple iPhone 15 Pro solid-state buttons will have customizable sensitivity
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Rumors about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s capacitive solid-state buttons have been going on for a few months now and a new post on the MacRumors forums shares more details of how they will work. Apple is believed to bring a unified volume button and a new programmable Action button to the iPhone 15 Pro series. The latter will accommodate the signature iPhone mute switch functionality as well as a bevy of other programable uses including toggling the orientation lock, flashlight, low power mode and more. The capacitive buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro series will feature a dedicated...

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Writing content at a fast pace but keeping the quality high is often a challenge for writers. Enter CopySmith, an AI-powered writing platform designed to assist content writers in crafting compelling copy faster than ever before. 

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In this CopySmith review, we'll explore the platform's plans and pricing, features, interface, support, security, competition, and provide our final verdict on whether it's worth your investment.

Plans and pricing

CopySmith offers three different paid plans to cater to various user needs:


CopySmith pricing (Image credit: CopySmith)


Copy Smith can generate high-quality content in various formats, including blog articles, product descriptions, and social media posts. Its engine can optimize content for SEO, enhancing its potential to rank higher in search engine results. Copy Smith's AI can also personalize content for different audiences based on age, location, and interests, improving engagement rates. The choice of tone that the platform offers can help you tailor the content closer to your brand's voice, but this feature will require much more input from the user's side.

The platform has numerous other features that are divided through templates, but here is a quick overview of the main ones:

1. GPT-3 Powered AI: The platform utilizes Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) technology, enabling it to generate high-quality copy based on user input.

2. Variety of Templates: CopySmith offers templates for product descriptions, social ads, startup tools, website copy, email/letter, content creation for social media, sales copy, and writing tools such as story plots, hero introductions, and cliffhangers.

3. Blog Post Generator: This feature allows users to create entire blog posts from just a few pieces of inputted information.

4. Content Rewriter: If you need to edit parts of the text, the content rewriter function simplifies the process by automatically rephrasing selected copy.

5. Plagiarism Checker: CopySmith ensures that every piece of copy it generates is original by conducting in-depth plagiarism checks. This feature is limited to your chosen pricing plan, with only 20 in the Starter.

But, no matter what subscription plan you have, your copy is reassuringly safeguarded against plagiarism. Copysmith states that as its AI technology generates copy, word by word, its content passes all of the main plagiarism checkers(opens in new tab) (such as Copyscape).

Copysmith has a Google Chrome extension that’s available to download from the Chrome Web Store. It enables users to access Copysmith’s copywriting tools in a fast, convenient way from any webpage on any device, which is handy for creating and sharing copy on the spur of the moment. Furthermore, various other integrations are available, again dependent on your pricing plan, from Shopify to Zapier, making the platform quite versatile.

Interface and in use

CopySmith's user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. Users can quickly select templates, input keywords and descriptions, and generate copy within seconds. The platform's AI technology is fast and efficient, producing accurate copy most of the time. However, if the results aren't quite right on the first few attempts, users can revise their keywords and descriptions to improve the output.

You can also quickly access tutorials and news updates via the left-hand side column on the home dashboard. Additionally, you can create folders to organize copy for various projects, while in the center of the home screen, you can browse and select templates and access individual files.


CopySmith dashboard (Image credit: CopySmith)

All in all, the  layout of the platform is quite intuitive and easy to use. If you’re looking for add-ons, you can easily reach them through the menu on the left. Adding them is easy, with a single click you can add everything you need for the platform.


Copy Smith's support team is available via email and chat. Users can access the chat feature directly from the platform's dashboard, which is a convenient way to get quick assistance. Additionally, Copy Smith offers a knowledge base that contains helpful articles and tutorials that users can refer to if they need more information about the platform's features and functionality.

Copysmith provides fast, attentive customer support. You can get in touch with the team via Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter if you prefer social media. We emailed Copysmith with a few questions and queries, to which they gave us a helpful response within 24 hours. There are also FAQs and blogs on the Copysmith website.

Copysmith’s active Features Request page demonstrates that they keenly listen to customer feedback. Here, customers can post requests for new or improved features, which the Copysmith team regularly replies.

Enterprise customers are given an account manager, personal onboarding services, and coaching on how to use new Copysmith features as and when they’re introduced.


We’ve given the platform’s writing capabilities a quick test to see how it handles a simple topic. The goal was to cover “Artificial intelligence helps writers be more succinct,” we used the platform's “Command Copy” feature to write the article.


CopySmith Test (Image credit: CopySmith)

The results that we received from the platform were very good, with sentence structure and phrases that the platform chose corresponding to what a real content writers would do. On closer inspection, it is clear that the copy was written by an AI with some wording giving it away; however, the results can be used with some rewriting. Therefore, if you’re looking to expand a topic or create unique angles, you can do that with CopySmith. On the other hand, if you’re looking to automate all of your content creation with a single click of a button without actually writing anything yourself, you will have to wait for another platform and AI to advance even more.


Data security is a top priority for CopySmith. The platform employs robust encryption methods to protect user data and ensure privacy. Furthermore, CopySmith is GDPR compliant, adhering to strict data protection regulations.

Moreover, the platform uses Google’s Firebase to ensure that all your data is protected with AES 256-bit encryption. You can securely access your Copysmith account by signing in with Google, which bypasses the need to create a separate username and password.

The competition

The competition is quite stiff for these types of tools, with Jasper AI being a strong candidate. Jasper offers numerous template and integration options, providing content of similar quality. Jasper is more expensive, but offers greater versatility when it comes to content creation, overall.

Longshot AI is another platform that rivals both Jasper and CopySmith. It boasts the greatest set of integrations and quite a few templates. Furthermore, it has a custom AI model that is quite powerful and can create unique text that passes plagiarism checkers.

Final verdict

If you’re looking for an all-in one content creation tool, then CopySmith can be of immense benefit. It can create an original copy in seconds, though you have to make sure to proofread everything it creates to ensure that it’s factually correct.  One of the most significant advantages of using Copysmith is the time-saving aspect. Content writers often find themselves juggling projects and deadlines, which makes high-quality content creation challenging. Copysmith's AI-powered technology allows us to generate well-crafted content in just a matter of seconds, freeing up valuable time to focus on other essential tasks or even explore new creative ideas. This approach perhaps best illustrates the future of AI when it comes to content creation, a supplementary tool, not something that will completely replace humans. 

Its core AI function is combined with a user-friendly interface and an appealing selection of helpful marketing templates, making the whole Copysmith package accessible to a wide range of users with various marketing objectives and experiences.

Grammarly writing tool review
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Grammarly is a tool designed to make your writing the best it can be. With the flexibility to span across all of your smart devices in one way or another, it really can be a game-changer for nearly anyone who types regularly — regardless of what you’re writing or why.

Want to try Grammarly? Check out the website here

If you are a writter you are most likely using a grammar and spelling checker that can automate your writting. Grammarly in its free form represents a very good solution as the corrections come in real-time (especially if you are writing in Microsoft Word, for example). Let’s dig deeper and see what other features it offers, what pricing plans they have, and finally if it’s worth considering.

Plans and pricing

Grammarly offers three main plans: Free, Premium, and Business. The Free plan provides basic writing suggestions and tone detection, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, conciseness, and tone detection. For those looking for a simple, free content checker, this option may be more than enough.

For individuals seeking more advanced features, Grammarly Premium is available at $12 per month when billed annually ($144 total). Premium users enjoy full-sentence rewrites, word choice suggestions, tone adjustments, citations, and plagiarism detection.

Grammarly Business caters to teams and organizations, with prices starting at $15 per user per month (billed annually). This plan includes everything in Premium, plus style guides, snippets, brand tones, analytics dashboard, account roles and permissions, and SAML single sign-on. Volume discounts are available for groups of 10 or more members.


Grammarly pricing plans (Image credit: Grammarly)

The team management tools that are enabled in the business plan are phenomenal for actually working in a team. The business level of Grammarly allows for account roles and permission support. This lets organization’s take their teamwork to the next level.

There is also an additional plan called Enterprise for large teams, over 150 people, that offers robust team management capabilities and dedicated account managers for the firm. However, to get additional details and prices, you will have to go through Grammarly’s sales team.


Grammarly boasts an impressive array of features designed to elevate your writing. These are some of the standout features

1. Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation: Catch and fix common mistakes to ensure your writing is polished and professional.

2. Conciseness: Remove unnecessary words and tighten your phrasing for clearer communication.

3. Tone Detection: Understand how your writing may come across to readers and make adjustments as needed.

4. Full-Sentence Rewrites (Premium): Rewrite hard-to-read sentences for improved clarity.

5. Word Choice (Premium): Find compelling alternatives to overused words or clichés.

6. Tone Suggestions (Premium): Make the right impression on your reader by adjusting your tone.

7. Citations (Premium): Generate and proofread citations, and identify where they're needed.

8. Plagiarism Detection (Premium): Ensure your work is original by checking it against web sources and academic databases.

Depending on your pricing plan, the tool also offers team management capabilities through the definition of your brand voice and style guides. With these, Grammarly can ensure that your writers are using the same tone of voice through their articles.

Interface and in use

The user interface of Grammarly is pretty straightforward, and once integrated into Chrome or Word, you won't have to interact with Grammarly through its backend. When you do visit the Grammarly dashboard, the homepage displays a search bar at the top and existing documents as icons below. On the left-hand side are the account options as well apps, support, and sign-out buttons. When you select a document, the text editor pops up with editing options on the left and suggestions and analytics on the right.

The Grammarly Editor analyzes correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery, along with an overall quality performance score. This simplified data helps users understand their writing strengths and areas for improvement. Visually, the editor reminds us of Google Docs, which means that it has a clean UI and is geared towards ease of use and focused writing. 

For Android and iOS users, Grammarly offers a mobile version of its app, which can assist in writing on the go. The app is basically a keyboard integration that serves numerous functions. Once you write out a section or an entire article, you can have Grammarly scan the text and correct grammar errors. While scanning, the app will also suggest what other stylistic changes you can make to get your message across. 

Aside from actually correcting your errors, the app also helps you in getting better as a writer. Each change the app makes, it provides you with an explanation of why it made the recommendation. If you actually pay attention to these, over time, you can get better at writing more concisely and make fewer grammatical mistakes overall.


Grammarly dashboard (Image credit: Grammarly)


Grammarly offers extensive support resources, including a comprehensive Help Center with articles and FAQs. If you opt for higher-priced plans, you can get a dedicated account manager to help set up your brand voice and write guidelines for users across the team. Also, as a paying member, you have priority email support. 

For free and Premium users, there is the possibility of submitting support requests via email or chat for personalized assistance. But overall, the app is easy to use, and there should be little need to contact support.


Grammarly takes security seriously, with enterprise-grade system and organization controls in place to protect user data. Their SOC 2 (Type 2) report attests to their commitment to security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality. Additionally, Grammarly enterprise-grade attestation and regulatory compliance showcase the firm’s dedication to keeping users’ data secure.


To test Grammarly's effectiveness, we used it to edit this very article! We found that the suggestions were accurate and helpful, making it easy to improve our writing. The tone detection feature was particularly useful in ensuring our relaxed but professional tone remained consistent throughout the piece.

The competition is a direct competitor to Grammarly as they offer a comprehensive platform for business users aimed at establishing a brand voice and style guidelines across your writing team. Price-wise, it is more expensive than Grammarly, but has additional options, which you can only find within the Enterprise level plan with Grammarly. 

ProWritingAid is another grammar checker on the market, with much more limited capabilities compared to Grammarly. In terms of pricing, it is cheaper than Grammarly, and offers more collaboration functionality than Grammarly in its paid plans.

Final verdict

It is hard not to recommend Grammarly, an easy-to-use tool that runs in the background and fixes all of your spelling and grammar mistakes. We all make mistakes, so whether you’re a professional writer, a freelancer, or simply someone that chats with friends online, installing the free version of the app is a no-brainer. 

If you are a business owner that has needs for content or professional communication via email, the paid version of Grammarly will ensure you have access to the best grammar checker out there. The other more expensive plans will depend on your actual needs, but if that is the requirement, we would recommend you check out the competition as well before deciding.

Smart Copy (formerly Snazzy AI)
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Creating content that sells your brand and engages with potential customers is one of the most important marketing processes. However, content writers are well aware of the challenges tied to coming up with fresh ideas and writing high-quality content that will keep the audience engaged. That's where Unbounce Smart Copy comes in, or at least tries to. 

Want to try Smart Copy? Check out the website here

Unbounce Smart Copy is an AI writing platform that can help you write faster, optimize your content, and generate fresh ideas. In this review, we'll look closer at Unbounce Smart Copy and explore its features, pricing, and more.

Plans and pricing

Unbounce Smart Copy offers two pricing plans, along with a free plan, which is great if you’re looking to test the waters. With the free plan you will basically have access to all of the templates and advanced features, but you will be limited by the quantity of content you can produce. 

A step up from free is the Essential plan, which usually costs $19 a month, but at the time of writing a special promotion price of $9 a month was active. This plan will give you more credits (which replenish each month) that are used for content creation. It is aimed at a small business or a small team of writers. 

Finally, the Unlimited plan is $49 a month, and does exactly what the name implies, giving unlimited access to the resources of the platform. This plan is geared toward larger teams that actively create content or run SEO and Ad campaigns.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy pricing (Image credit: Unbounce Smart Copy)


One of Smart Copy AI’s most significant features is its AI writing assistant (paid feature). It can help you with everything from generating ideas and headlines to writing full articles, product descriptions, and marketing copy. Smart Copy AI-powered writing is designed to help you save time and effort by providing suggestions, corrections, and inspiration as you write.

In addition to the AI writing assistant, Smart Copy offers an SEO optimization feature that suggests keywords, titles, and meta descriptions to improve your content's ranking on search engines. It also includes a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is original and unique.

Smart Copy plagiarism checker is a handy feature that can save you time and ensure that your content is unique and original. With just a few clicks, you can scan your writing and identify any passages that may be too similar to existing content online. This can help you avoid potential copyright issues and maintain your reputation as a trustworthy and ethical writer.

One of Smart Copy’s most impressive features is how seamlessly they integrate into your writing workflow. The AI-powered writing suggestions appear in real-time alongside your existing content, making it easy to incorporate them into your writing as you go. Remember that all content you get from the platform should be proofread and fact-checked since you can get erroneous data occasionally.

In addition, there are a wide range of templates included on the platform, including options for email outreach, pitching, product descriptions, and idea generation for blogs, landing pages, headers and descriptions, features, unique selling points, Google and Facebook ads, and taglines. 

Each template automatically creates text depending on the default information you enter during the onboarding process. This information, such as keywords and company description, can be changed at any time. With each template, you have the option to customize the suggested text by clicking the Customize button. 

There are two additional tools included with the platform. The first is the Content Extender. Using this tool you can enter a single sentence or bullet point, and the technology will turn it into a more complex piece of content. You can customize the tone and length to suit your requirements.

The other tool included on the platform is the Remix option. Using this tool, you can create an endless number of versions of a single piece of content.

Saving your content may seem like a fairly basic function, and in many ways, it is. However, the platform’s dashboard makes it easy to locate saved items, so, provided you are signed up to the paid plan, you can create the entirety of a cross-platform content marketing drive and have all the copy you need ready for launch.

Interface and in use

Unbounce Smart Copy has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. Its writing suggestions appear in real-time, right alongside your existing content, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate them into your writing process. Proper UI design practice made the platform accessible for users of all knowledge levels; if you've ever used a modern website, you will be right at home here.

The landing page after log-in is clean, with templates dominating the center of the page, which will be your primary source of content creation. To the left, the column with shortcut icons leads you to the help section, your profile, and other useful quick-access links. All in all, easy to navigate and clean design.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy dashboard (Image credit: Unbounce Smart Copy)


Unbounce Smart Copy offers excellent customer support through various channels. You can reach out to their team via email or chat for any questions or concerns you may have. They also provide an extensive knowledge base with helpful articles and tutorials to guide you through using the platform. Plus, there's an active community of users who are more than willing to share tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Smart Copy


We’ve given the platform’s writing capabilities a quick test to see how it handles a simple topic. The goal was to cover “Artificial intelligence helps writers be more succinct,” and since this platform doesn’t have a “paragraph” writer template, we decided to use the Writer functionality to offer a paragraph on the topic.

Smart Copy

Smart Copy test (Image credit: Unbounce Smart Copy)

The results are passable, with broad-based sentences that try to paint a picture of why AI could be helpful to writers. If you go for more complex topics, expect a lot of editing, and at times, if the topic is too complex, you will get data that is not related to the topic you input. So make sure you proofread all of the content you get from the platform.


SSL security encryption is used to protect user data, along with other standard security methods as described in the Privacy Policy on the site. Payments are handled by a third party that also uses industry-standard encryption and data security measures to keep your data safe.The competition

Hypotenuse.AI is one of the main competitors as it offers a similar approach with templates and numerous integrations. Pricing, however, is not comparable if we’re looking at the initial two plans both platforms offer. The quality of content is on the side of Hypotenuse, but both platforms offer content that needs to be adjusted before publishing. 

Jasper AI is another comprehensive platform with numerous integrations and a comprehensive custom AI that spits out content a bit faster than the competition. Smart Copy is much cheaper if you are a solo writer looking to start your AI journey.

Final verdict

Overall, Unbounce Smart Copy is an excellent AI writing platform for content writers looking to generate fresh ideas, write copy quickly, and optimize their content for SEO. With its two pricing plans, Unbounce Smart Copy is accessible to writers of all levels and budgets. Equally important, the UI design philosophy makes all of its major functions easily accessible, but that does not solve the issue of content quality, which can at times be subpar.

Still, the underlying technology is very impressive and efficient, and users that struggle with copywriting, or don’t have a team large enough to produce specialized content marketing, will find the platform very useful.

Flyme 10 brings modern look, more customization and improved AI engine
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Meizu held a big launch event yesterday where it announced it Meizu 20 series phones alongside their latest Flyme 10 interface. The new Android-based firmware brings a visual overhaul dubbed Alive Design with a modernized look including new icons, widgets, menu designs and wallpapers. Flyme 10 key features The core system apps also receive a makeover and the signature Meizu small window mode for apps received new two-finger and long press gestures. Flyme 10 brings the Meizu OneMind 10 AI engine which promises improved frame rates, less system space usage and improved stability...

Zendesk Sell CRM review
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In a crowded market for customer relationship management (CRM) tools, it can be difficult for businesses to determine what is the right solution for their needs. There are a host of platforms on the market today all vying to be crowned the best CRM software. Some focus on workforce management, while others prioritize customer communications. The best solutions perform well across all the functionalities that customers have come to expect from CRM software. Among these options worthy of your consideration is Zendesk Sell.

Part of a suite of solutions that fall under the Zendesk umbrella, Zendesk Sell comes to you from the developers of a customer service tool and a bespoke customer experience platform. This review, however, will focus specifically on Zendesk Sell and why it should be one of the front-runners in your search for a CRM solution.

Zendesk Sell

(Image credit: Zendesk)

Zendesk Sell CRM Review: Snapshot

Zendesk Sell may not be the cheapest CRM platform - especially when it comes to the more advanced tiers - but that won’t be an issue for larger firms. They’ll discover a feature-rich CRM that is well-designed with an intuitive user interface. It integrates nicely with a range of other B2B tools - especially if you are already a user of some of the other Zendesk solutions that are on the market. All-in-all, this is a great CRM tool. The only real downside is the lack of a free plan.

Zendesk Sell CRM Review: Plans and pricing

When you’re assessing any CRM tool, price is unlikely to be far from your thoughts. In fact, for any piece of B2B software, it’s likely to be a core consideration. That’s why in the world of cloud computing, for example, an entire market has developed looking to bring you the best free cloud storage services. The CRM landscape is no different. 

It has to be admitted that Zendesk Sell is not the cheapest CRM tool on the market. There is no free plan, and if you’re looking beyond the most basic tier, things can quickly get pricey. The cheapest option, Zendesk Sell Team, is priced at $19 per user, per month, if paid annually and should be fine if all you need is email tracking and a single sales pipeline. 

If you require more advanced functionality, you are probably looking for Zendesk Sell Growth of Zendesk Sell Professional. The former costs $49 per user, per month, while the latter is $99. It’s also worth noting that there is also an Enterprise tier, which will set your business back $150 a month. 

If you’re comparing purely on price, Zendesk Sell will struggle to keep up with some of the most affordable CRM tools. For instance, Zoho CRM’s Ultimate tier is priced at just $52 per user, per month, which represents a significant saving - particularly if you’ve got a fairly large number of users. Be sure to read our Zoho CRM review for further information about which of the two platforms represents the best value for money.

Of course, businesses shouldn’t simply opt for the cheapest tool available to them. The range of features on offer with Zendesk Sell is impressive - and SMBs may find that it is a better fit for their needs than cheaper tools.

Zendesk Sell Analytics

(Image credit: Zendesk Sell)

Zendesk Sell CRM Review: Features

To properly assess the features provided by Zendesk Sell, it’s easiest to break the CRM platform down by pricing plan. The Team tier, for example, does come with team collaboration functionality, letting you track emails, text messages, and calls, but not a great deal else. It does also come with customizable deal pipelines and activity tracking, but the reporting is pretty limited. The features available with this plan might suit smaller firms but might be too limited for larger organizations.

Moving on to the Growth tier, there’s more lead capture functionality and integration with other tools like MailChimp and Zapier. There are also enhanced forecasting and more advanced reporting options. Customers at this price point also gain access to customized sales reports and dashboards, sales forecasting and goal tracking, and advanced activity reports. 

Professional customers also gain access to lead and deal scoring, task automation, advanced roles, and permissions, as well as the ability to build a company hierarchy tree to clearly define parent and child company relationships. The ability to further explore automation and analytics features means that this pricing tier is likely to be more suitable for bigger firms. 

And finally, the Enterprise tier enables users to create custom notifications and access an automated power dialer, which is a great way of boosting productivity, allowing your employees to reduce the time they spend on customer outreach. Disappointingly, even more advanced functionality is only available as part of the Elite plan - which means additional financial outlay,  with this plan costing $199 per user, per month, if paid annually.

Zendesk Sell CRM Review: Ease of use

Although you might find the cost of Zendesk Sell a little steep, the same can’t be said for its learning curve. This is a very user-friendly CRM, with few instructions required. Those you may find yourself reaching for are easily accessible too through a plethora of online lessons and chat support. 

Increasing the user-friendliness of Zendesk Sell further still is how customizable the platform is. The ability to modify settings and personal preferences means that it is easy to set the platform up to suit your requirements. This means you are not only less likely to need support when setting up the platform but also throughout your time using it. Training is also available for free online - which is a nice bonus if you aren’t particularly experienced when it comes to using a CRM.

Zendesk Sell CRM Review: Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a CRM tool that ticks all the boxes, Zendesk Sell could be exactly what you need. Although perhaps on the pricier side, customers do receive access to a broad range of features, assembled as part of an intuitive, customizable user interface. As long as you select the right price point for your needs, you are bound to find everything you need to supercharge your sales pipeline. 

Casper Down Pillow review: delightfully soft and supportive
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Casper already makes one of the best pillows that we’ve tested. However, we may be adding the Casper Down Pillow as well. Admittedly, it’s not a budget-priced pillow; however, it does several things well. For starters, if you’re looking for a down pillow, and you’re not impressed with the down alternative options, you’ll appreciate that this duck down pillow doesn’t cost as much as a goose-down pillow. Also, the Casper Down Pillow is actually a pillow within a pillow, and both pillows include duck down and feathers.  This combination of materials ensures the pillow is not too light and not too heavy. The pillow, which can be laundered in the washing machine, also has a 5-chamber design that allows it to be a good choice whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper. 

And, if you’re looking for a way to really boost your comfort level, take a look at our guide to this year's best mattresses for all budgets.

Casper Down Pillow review in brief

The Casper Down Pillow cradles your neck and head as gently as your mother did when you were a baby. We understand that’s a lot to ask of a pillow, but this one actually delivers. It’s incredibly soft, due to the combination of duck down and feathers, and creates the type of comfort that lulls you to sleep and makes you not want to get out of the bed.

Casper Down Pillow at a glance

Type: Down pillow
Best suited to: Back, side, and stomach sleepers
Dimensions: Standard: 18” L x 26” W; King: 18” L x 34” W
Trial period: 30 days
Warranty: 1 year

That was certainly the experience we had over the two weeks that we tested the pillow. It has a 2-inch gusset, and the mid-loft pillow is not too high and not too low. As a result, in every position – side, back, or stomach – we slept soundly and woke up refreshed.  We’ve tested a bunch of pillows, and we know (first-hand) that the wrong one can disrupt your sleep cycle and also cause you to wake up with aches and pains. 

Ttwo Casper Down Pillows on a bed

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

However, the Casper Down Pillow felt delightful, and was soft, yet supportive, night after night after night. This is due in part to the fact that it’s a pillow within a pillow – and both have duck down and feathers. Our tester tends to sleep hot, but remained cool while testing the pillow. She also enjoyed not having to reshape the pillow every morning, although she did reshape it once – sometimes twice – a week. She loved the pillow so much that she actually sighed when the testing cycle was over and she needed to move on to the next pillow review.

Casper Down Pillow review: price and deals

The Casper Down Pillow is one of several pillows sold by the company. With a MSRP of $139 for a standard size, it’s tied with the Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology as the company’s most high-end model. However, you can save some money by doubling up on the pillows at Amazon.  Two standard Casper Down Pillows cost $269 ($134.50 per pillow) and two king Casper Down Pillows, normally $179 each, cost $349 ($174.50 per pillow). 

Among the company’s other pillows, the mid-loft Casper Hybrid Pillow is $99 for a standard size, and the low-loft foam Casper Foam Pillow is $89 for a standard. The prices for rest of the standard pillows, (which are all mid-loft) are as follows: Casper Original Pillow, $65; Casper Essential Cooling Pillow, $65; and Casper Essential Pillow, $45. 

Comparing the Casper Down Pillow to competitors, the Parachute Down Pillow is $129 for a standard size, so it’s also considered the luxury pillow. It’s filled with European white down and feather fibers, and comes in a choice of three densities: soft, medium, and firm, which allows you to select the best density. It can also be laundered in the washing machine. 

Another choice for a cloud-like experience (that’s not a down pillow) is the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Cloud Pillow, which has a soft to medium-soft firmness level. The low-profile pillow includes NASA-developed Tempur material that conforms to the shape of your head. While the pillow can’t be washed, the cover can be removed and laundered in the washing machine. 

Casper Down Pillow: from $139/Queen pillow at Casper
The Casper Down Pillow is filled with duck down - and it also includes a small percentage of feathers. This combination of materials makes it ultra-soft. However, the 2-inch gusset and 5-chamber design also provide neck and head support, and makes it comfortable for any sleeping position. It’s the same price at Amazon.View Deal

Casper Down Pillow review: design and materials

  • Combination of ethically-sourced duck down, and feathers
  • Pillow within a pillow
  • Pillow is machine washable

The Casper Down Pillow is actually a pillow within a pillow! The outer pillow consists of 80% white duck down (ethically-sourced) and a 20% feather outer chamber. The inner pillow consists of 60% white duck down and 40% feather inner chambers. In addition, the pillow has a 100% cotton outer shell, and 100% polyester inner panels. If all of this sounds confusing, here’s the take home point: the outer chambers contribute to the soft, cloud-like feeling, and the inner chambers provide support for your neck while you’re sleeping. 

While the duck down is soft, the feathers provide weight, and the combination of materials result in a pillow that is ultra-soft, while also supportive. The 5-chamber design, which includes a 2-inch gusset, allows the pillow to be responsive enough to support any sleeping position: side, back, or stomach. The mid-loft pillow isn’t too high or too low, and that’s what also makes it a good choice regardless of your sleep position.  

A Casper Down Pillow opened up to show its adjustable fill

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

Although it feels like sleeping on a cloud, the pillow also springs back to the touch. That’s why it doesn’t need to be fluffed every day. In addition, the pillow is cool to the touch and by providing temperature regulation, it ensures that you can avoid waking up hot and sweaty.    

And when you need to clean the pillow, it can be tossed into the washing machine, unlike many of the pillows we test that have removable and washable covers.  While a washable cover is convenient, the ability to wash the pillow itself provides a more hygienic experience. 

Casper Down Pillow review: performance

  • Soft as a cloud
  • 5-chamber design provides support
  • Cool to the touch

 We slept on a pair of Casper Down Pillow for over two weeks to see how they fared in performance - testing for set up, comfort, support, and temperature regulation. We also changed up our sleeping positions, alternating between side, stomach, and back positions to see if performance was consistent throughout.  Here’s how we got on...


Two Casper Down Pillows in their delivery boxes

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

5 of 5 stars

The pair of Casper Down Pillows arrived in Casper-branded boxes. We always have mixed feelings when this happens. The choice not to use more cardboard than necessary shows the company cares about excess waste. However, we also tend to be concerned that branded boxes may be more appealing to “bad actors” looking for something to steal during the shipping and delivery process.  

Two Casper Down Pillows, one rolled up in its shrinkwrap

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

Each pillow was securely wrapped in its individual box. After cutting through the plastic, the pillows started expanding immediately. Our tester left the room and came back 30 minutes later to find the pillows completely expanded and already fluffy.  

Temperature regulation 

5 out of 5 stars

The Casper Down Pillows were cool to the touch. Unlike memory foam pillows, which can be heavy and retain heat (unless they are infused with cooling properties), down pillows tend not to be hot. And this one certainly wasn’t. The 100% cotton outer shell is designed not to trap heat, so it helps to keep the body cool, and our tester slept quite comfortably.  Some pillows are “cool” but not actually “cool to the touch.” However, our tester said this was one of the few pillows that actually felt cool to the touch. We tested them when the weather was cold, so our tester also had a weighted blanket on the bed during part of the testing process.

Since the pillows were cool to the touch, it would be expected that our tester would sleep cool without additional bedding. However, even when we later added the wintertime bedding, she didn’t wake up hot and sweaty, due to the pillow’s design.   

Firmness and support 

5 out of 5 stars

Although the Casper Down Pillow is soft as a cloud, it still provides exceptional support. That’s because of the 5-chamber design, which adapts to the body and provides support in any position. So, whether our tester slept on her side or stomach (her default combination positions), her neck was aligned and supported.

And even when she slept on her back, our tester reported being comfortable, because the pillow was able to adapt to this change in sleeping position.  

Two Casper Down Pillows stacked on top of each other

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

But keep in mind that our tester likes fluffy pillows and mid-to high-lofts.  And, regardless of what the experts say about sleeping positions, sleepers tend to have individual preferences, so, for example, one side sleeper may love this pillow, whereas, another side sleeper might find the pillow too soft, or find the 2-inch gusset too high. 

As a general rule, the pillow bounces back on its own. However, roughly every 5 or so days, our tester also refluffed it. Casper recommends a weekly fluff that entails holding the opposite corners of the pillow and pushing in and out diagonally, and then repeating with the other two corners. However, our tester just tossed it in the dryer on the “Air Fluff” setting.”

Casper Down Pillow review: user reviews

On Amazon, the Casper Down Pillow has 4.1 out of 5 stars, with 402 ratings. Overall, consumers found it to be a high-quality pillow that’s soft, fluffy, and comfortable. Many stated that it alleviated neck pain.  However, some consumers said it was super comfortable – but not firm or thick. Others stated that they woke up with neck and back pain because they couldn’t fluff the pillow back up.  

On the Casper site, the Casper Down Pillow has 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 128 reviews.  Many buyers said it was soft and supportive, and stated that they no longer had neck pain. Those who didn’t like it either said it was mushy or it was flat. 

Should you buy the Casper Down Pillow?

Ttwo Casper Down Pillows on a bed

(Image credit: Terri Williams)

If you want a down pillow, we wholeheartedly recommend the Casper Down Pillow. After spending over two weeks testing it, we found the pillow to be quite impressive in a variety of areas. The fact that it’s a pillow in a pillow is a unique concept that we like. The combination of duck down and feathers makes the design incredibly soft, but not so soft that the pillow can’t provide the right degree of support. Also, the down is ethically sourced, which is important to us. In addition, we like that the 2-inch gusset means the pillow is not too high and not too low. In either position, it provided an extremely comfortable sleep experience. The pillow also sprang back and retained its shape most of the time, only needing to be fluffed weekly.

The fact that the pillow is cool to the touch is another feature that our tester loved since she tends to sleep hot. And the ability to launder the actual pillow instead of just the cover is yet another feature that sold us on the Casper Down Pillow.

Casper also provides a 30-night trial, and a 1-year warranty, so you have time to decide if the pillow meets your needs or not.

However, we realize that some people may find the Casper Down Pillow too soft or the loft too high.  Another down pillow option is the Parachute Down Pillow, which is $129 for a standard size. This pillow is filled with European white down and feather fibers, and since it comes in a choice of three densities (soft, medium, and firm), consumers can choose their preferred style. The Parachute Down Pillow can also be laundered in the washing machine. 

If you want a soft pillow that doesn’t have down fill, the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Cloud Pillow has a soft to medium-soft firmness level. It’s a low-profile pillow that’s made of NASA-developed Tempur material, and conforms to the shape of your head. It’s not a machine-washable pillow, but the pillow’s cover can be removed and laundered in the washing machine. 

But we think the Casper Down Pillow is definitely worth a try because it gets so many things right. The pillow manages to find the perfect balance between luxurious softness, effective support, and temperature regulation – and the pillow is easy to maintain.   

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