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Circleboom review
1:21 pm | March 13, 2024

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Circleboom is one of the most exciting entrants into the best social media management tools since its 2019 launch. Alongside the likes of Hootsuite and Buffer, Circleboom stands up as one of the more complete and comprehensive platforms, especially for managing Twitter (or X) accounts.

Almost every modern company engages with social media in some form, whether to hear from customers, solicit new business, or tell users about something new, and that makes managing those channels a high priority task. 

Gone are the days when companies had a blog, updated whenever there was a new announcement, replaced by an ability to have more insight into users and readership than ever before, across an array of platforms that reach more people than ever in human history. 

For Circleboom, the goal is to make intuitive and easy-to-use products, mostly focused on managing Twitter accounts and publishing across social media. The service isn't focused on adding tons of random features, just offering the best. 

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Circleboom boasts that it offers the "most intuitive" social media management tool and, after using the service, it's hard to disagree. While some competitors offer a much wider variety of different dials and knobs, Circleboom delivers on the basics (with some advanced features sprinkled in). 

Combine that with some really reasonable pricing – as little as $210 per month for large enterprise customers, and much less for smaller businesses – and you get a very compelling offering. 

Let's dive into our Circleboom social media management review. 

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Circleboom: Plans and pricing

Circleboom splits its offering into two sections: Twitter Management, focused on Twitter (or now X) as the name implies, and Publish, which lets users design, plan, and automate their posts across a ton of platforms. 

Starting with the X-focused offering, there is a very limited free offering that mostly serves to promote the other offerings. We'll break down each plan and what it offers.

  • Limited Plan: mostly for tweet and like deletion, costing $9.99 per month
  • Pro: offering the basic set of features, like Follower Insights, Tracking, and other analytics, with support for accounts up to 25,000 followers, costing $16.99 per month
  • Plus: the most popular plan, which has all of the benefits of Pro plus dedicated 24/7 support, two accounts, and up to 100,000 followers, costing $23.99 per month
  • Premium: everything above plus support for 1 million followers and 150 account/keyword searches per month, costing $29.99 per month

(On top of these tiers, users can also pay an extra $1.99 per month for X unfollower notifications.)

The more advanced Publish option follows a fairly similar pattern to the Twitter-focused tool, except for higher prices due to the expanded nature of its features. 

  • Pro: up to five social accounts, 300 scheduled posts, standard support, and ChatGPT integration for $24.99 per month 
  • Premium: up to 10 accounts, unlimited posts, and ChatGPT for $34.99 per month 
  • Business: up to 30 social accounts, unlimited posts, ChatGPT, and 24/7 support for $79.99 per month 
  • Enterprise: up to 100 accounts, unlimited posts, and more for $209.99 per month. 

For more details on the pricing and to find the best tier for your organisation, head to Circleboom. Right now, the company is offering money off many of its plans when you pay annually, so keep that in mind, especially if you're thinking about Circleboom for a larger business. 


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Circleboom: Features

Circleboom covers a lot of ground for many of the key tools of social media management. Creating, scheduling, and managing posts is really easy and comes as part of all of the tiers except the most basic Limited Plan. 

Analytics, follower tracking, advanced search, deleting tweets or posts, and a lot more comes as standard on most of the plans, too. Twitter Management is also handily available via an iOS app, for on the go tweeting, although the Publish suite requires a web browser. 

On top of that, the Publish tool offers OpenAI's ChatGPT AI smarts to create social media posts – which can then be vetted by humans before reaching the real world. Circleboom includes AI integrations in the cheapest level of Publish, too. 

According to the company, support for TikTok is on the horizon, meaning you can easily measure your audience and post to the it-platform of the moment. There is already support for LinkedIn, X, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms.

Because of the focus on a simple and understandable UI, Circleboom really excels on the basics and we had no trouble managing our accounts via the platform. Everything worked smoothly.  

But what about when you needs get a bit more complicated? 

If you're a social media professional then deleting posts, checking analytics, and so on are things you can do in your sleep. You want more! 

Luckily, Circleboom delivers when it comes to adding a ton of really technical features for managing the minutiae of the social media world. For this part, we'll mostly focus on Publish, the more advanced of the two. 

Let's reel off some features: a Canva design tool, image and gif creation tools, advanced Instagram features (including Reels support, a hashtag generator, tagging, and AI content generation), a similar set of features for Facebook, X polls, LinkedIn document posts, advanced Pinterest posts, and "best time to post" features. 

There's a huge amount there and we recommend checking out Circleboom's own list to see if your specific niche has been catered too. Suffice to say, whether you want to share insights on LinkedIn or corporate outtakes on TikTok, Circleboom has you covered. 

One thing that's worth repeating is the addition of OpenAI-powered smarts, which could make a big difference, especially if your social media department is small (or even a single person). Having a way to test ideas and concepts, and everything else we know AI can do, could prove to be an edge in 2024. 


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Circleboom: Analytics and reporting

The higher your tier goes the more choices of analytics tools there will be, but all of the plans come with the absolute basics of follower counts, suspected fake/spam followers, unfollower alerts, and similar insights for friends. 

Users can also track follower growth, characteristics, language stats, gender stats, how each post is performing, and see the best time to tweet. Circleboom will also generate an interest cloud for your followers and create reports on rival accounts. 

What you're looking for will be different from company to company, but it's highly like that Circleboom will have you covered on some level. 


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Circleboom: User interface

This, really, is the big one for Circleboom: the website screams at every opportunity that their tool is an "intuitive and easy-to-use social media product", created with a "keep it simple" mindset, a focus on intuitive design, and only adding features that are deemed essential. 

Now, for the most hard-core user, that might not sound ideal, but for everyone else, especially those who want an easy way to just get on with social media without having to invest too much time, Circleboom is really, really good. 

All of the various widgets and dials are well thought-out and, importantly, in obvious places around the user interface. I never found myself having to search for too long to find something specific, which is somewhat rare among its competitors. 

Circleboom: Support

Circleboom offers dedicated support but only for its more expensive plans, starting at the Premium plan for Publish and Plus for Twitter Management. What you get is high quality 24 hour phone and video support, helping solve most problems. 

The company also publishes an extensive help section on its website, with a ton of different details from the very nooks and crannies of its app. Anything you're unsure about will likely be covered there. You can, of course, also get in touch with Circleboom directly about any issues. 

Circleboom: The competition

While Hootsuite, for example, offers some of the most complex and detailed features for any of the apps, as do Buffer and Zoho Social, there is a beauty to the simplicity and ease with which you can use Circleboom. 

We've taken an extensive look at the best social media management tools going right now, comparing them across a huge array of categories, so check that out if Circleboom didn't quite scratch your itch. 


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Circleboom: Final verdict

There's a reason that NBC News, Netflix, BBC News, SoundCloud, the American Red Cross, L'Oreal, and a ton of other big-name companies use Circleboom: ease, efficiency, and integration across an array of apps. 

The addition of AI-generated posting options via ChatGPT is really exciting and will give social media managers a new way to brainstorm ideas and concepts. All of the basics are there, too, from detailed analytics to support for all major services.

Big companies will definitely want to consider the more expensive, fully featured plans but we feel like there's a level for everyone, and Circleboom is running some very exciting promo deals for many of its tiers, so don't wait too long.