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4 great wearable deals so you're prepped for a fitness-filled 2019
3:05 am | December 28, 2018

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Whether you’re a fitness expert or you want to take your first ever jog since because of how much you’ve eaten over the Christmas period, you may be setting yourself fitness goals for 2019.

While not essential, fitness trackers and smartwatches are some of the best tools to allow you to set, track and review your stats to improve your health, get stronger and reach your goals.

Whatever device you choose will come down to what goals you have for your fitness, so we’ve put together a couple of different categories you may fall into. Below is a selection of products discounted in the post-Boxing Day sales that may take your fancy, but check out our buying guides below for a full look at the best fitness tech.

For the complete beginner

For those after a fitness watch with a touch more

For those who want a full blown smartwatch

For those who need one of the best fitness watches

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