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ZTE nubia Flip, Focus Pro, Neo 2, Music hands-on
11:22 pm | February 29, 2024

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It was a busy MWC for ZTE and its nubia subsidiary with the announcement of five new phones. We managed to get some hands-on time with a few of the new models and these are our first impressions of the nubia Flip, Focus Pro, Neo 2 and Music smartphones. nubia Flip The nubia Flip is arguably the most interesting device from the bunch – a budget flip foldable to rival the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Moto Razr 40. It feels great in the hand with a nice brushed aluminum frame that folds completely flat. It’s a bit heavier than its key competitors at 214 grams but we don’t mind the extra heft as the...

ZTE nubia Z60 Ultra in for review
3:40 pm | January 13, 2024

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The premium smartphone market is thriving at this point - you get your gaming-specific phones, your camera-centric flagships, your flagship killers, your battery champs. But we haven't had a cameraphone that's also a gaming phone so far and that's the niche the nubia Z60 Ultra looks to fill. Before we get to testing, a quick unboxing. The nubia Z60 Ultra ships with a hard plastic case, an 80W charger, and a USB-C cable. The nubia Z60 Ultra is an all-out flagship with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, up to 24GB of RAM, it's IP68 waterproof, and it has an under-display camera. But it's...

Weekly poll: ZTE nubia Z60 Ultra is unique and widely available flagship, do you want one?
11:28 am | December 24, 2023

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These days it’s a common practice for Chinese makers to launch their phones in China first and then, after a while, maybe bring them to a global audience – though many never do. But that is not the case with today’s hero, the nubia Z60 Ultra from ZTE. nubia Z60 Ultra This phone is on pre-order in North America and Mexico, Europe and the UK (and China too, of course). Below are the prices with a few things to note. First, pre-orders end and shipping starts on December 29. Second, there is early bird pricing until the 29th. And third, the Chinese model is slightly different...

Weekly poll results: the ZTE nubia Z50S Pro wins is a potential hit
3:12 am | July 30, 2023

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Last week’s poll shows that the ZTE nubia Z50S Pro has a lot of potential – some are holding off until they can see what this phone can do before making their mind up, but for the most part people love the new Pro. Its gaming-focused cousin, the Red Magic 8S Pro didn’t draw as much interest and that’s no surprise, it’s more of a niche phone. The nubia is an all-round powerhouse with a unique camera. It’s a bit odd then that the main criticism of the phone is about its cameras. First, some were unhappy with the downgrade on the telephoto module – it went from a 64MP 85mm camera on the...

Weekly poll: the ZTE nubia Z50S Pro is an all-round powerhouse, but is it right for you?
1:33 pm | July 23, 2023

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The new nubia Z50S Pro is the second phone with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2, following the launch of the related Red Magic 8S Pro. This one is focused more on the camera than gaming, but there are a lot of similarities between the two as well. Starting with the camera, the 35mm lens is something you can only find on nubias and Axons – and on actual cameras. There is also an 80mm periscope on board (8MP) and a 50MP ultra wide (125°). The design evokes classic cameras with a mix of metal and leather (well, faux leather). The display is basically the same size as the Red Magic at 6.78” and...

ZTE nubia Z50S Pro launching on July 20
12:09 pm | July 13, 2023

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ZTE’s nubia brand is gearing up to launch a new flagship offering with the Z50S Pro and we now get official confirmation that the device is due to launch on July 20. The accompanying teaser posters suggest ZTE has updated the 35mm main lens which was used on the nubia Z50 and a 7-element lens. nubia Z50S Pro teasers A recent Geekebch listing revealed the device will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset featuring an overclocked Cortex-X3 prime core at 3.36 GHz. The device will also carry 12GB RAM and boots Android 13 presumably with ZTE MyOS 13 on top. A previous...

ZTE teases much improved camera for the next nubia flagship
2:07 pm | July 4, 2023

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While one ZTE team is preparing for the Red Magic 8S Pro launch tomorrow, their colleagues are working on the next camera flagship. Ni Fei, the President of ZTE Mobile Devices, posted an image of two camera modules – one belonging to an old ZTE phone and one to an upcoming model. Both modules are the same size (22.5 x 22mm), but one clearly has a much larger aperture. The camera module for the upcoming ZTE camera phone (left) and the old module (right) A previous teaser for a nubia phone showed a close-up of a camera island with two labels clearly visible – “35mm” and “Ultra...

ZTE nubia Neovision Glass goes on open sale
7:13 pm | June 19, 2023

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Following its announcement earlier this year at MWC Barcelona, the ZTE nubia Neovision Glass is now on open sale across the EU, Middle East, Asia Pacific and South Africa. The portable head-mounted display features a Micro-OLED display that outputs in 1080P resolution per eye with the virtual screen being scalable up to 120 inches. Peak brightness is rated at 1,800 nits and you get a 43° field of view and you also get a 0-500° myopia adjustment. The headset weighs just 79 grams and can be plugged into a range of devices ranging from smartphones to tablets, laptops, game consoles and...

Huawei, ZTE and BOE work on a flexible OLED with under-display selfie cam
10:00 pm | May 1, 2023

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According to a renowned tipster DIgital Chat Station, three Chinese tech giants, namely Huawei, ZTE and BOE, are teaming up to create the best foldable OLED screen with an under-display camera. The first phone to potentially benefit from the cutting-edge display tech is Huawei's future foldable Mate X4 smartphone. Sure, the Mate X4 won't be the first foldable smartphone with an under-screen selfie camera as Samsung's Galaxy Fold4 debuted with the said screen tech but it was far from ideal. The selfie camera is well-concealed, but it's severely lacking in the quality department. Well,...

Hands-on: ZTE nubia Z50, nubia Pad 3D and nubia Neovision Glass
12:47 am | March 8, 2023

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ZTE’s booth at the MWC was among the more interesting ones – there we found the nubia Z50 flagship phone, but the company’s first 3D tablet also caught our eye, as did a pair of shades that actually creates a virtual 120" display. ZTE nubia Z50 The Ultra model was just announced, while the vanilla nubia Z50 was launched in mid-December in China. So, it’s not exactly new, but it flew out to Barcelona for the MWC and we got to spend some time with the phone. This vanilla model is no slouch, it has a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 inside and can be configured with up to 16GB of RAM and up to...

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