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Leaked trailer shows off Battlefield V’s explosive battle royale mode
3:15 am | March 9, 2019

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Battlefield V is soon to get a battle royale mode called Firestorm, and a leaked trailer has given us a good idea of what it will involve.

Of course, there’s the possibility that the footage spilled on YouTube is somehow faked, but that seems unlikely, given that this is a pretty convincing looking video which lines up with previously leaked info in many respects. Still, it would be foolish to declare the footage genuine at this point, obviously.

At any rate, you can check it out for yourself, and make your own mind up: grab a snack, or your beverage of choice, and hit play on the clip below.

Impressed? We’ve got to say it looks pretty nifty, although a lot of it is your expected battle royale stuff – and we think it’s fair to say that at least some ‘inspiration’ has been taken from EA’s other battle royale project, the recently unleashed Apex Legends.

For example, just like Apex Legends, you have different-sized backpacks and inventory management issues to deal with. And when you’re shot, you get ‘downed’, and can crawl around with a chance to be revived by teammates. The difference with Firestorm is that you can shoot a pistol when floundering about on the floor, and also, once you do die – by getting finished off, or bleeding out – you can’t be respawned by teammates at a nearby beacon.

The biggest difference with this Battlefield royale (as it were) – apart from the setting of course – is that there are no separate character classes and abilities as seen in Apex Legends.

Another thing we noticed is that the encroaching ring of fire – the mechanism that herds players ever-closer together as time ticks on – looks pretty darn deadly; a veritable raging inferno.

Quad squad

As was revealed in previous leakage from data-miners poking around in game files, Firestorm will be playable in solo or duo modes, or in squads of four.

As you’ve probably seen, Apex Legends has got off to a blistering start, so much so that it’s no doubt been weighing on DICE’s mind that some of those who have been patiently waiting for Battlefield V Firestorm might just have forgotten about it, at least to some extent.

Some YouTube comments have even aired suspicions that this has been leaked by the developers themselves to stoke up hype somewhat, but naturally, we wouldn’t make any comment on that possibility.

We’ll find out soon enough if the footage is real, or an extremely clever piece of fakery. Battlefield V’s battle royale mode is expected to arrive sometime this spring.

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