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Sky Mobile is offering deals on top handsets including iPhones and Samsungs
3:00 am | January 5, 2019

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We’re only a few days into the new year and already the January phone deals are dropping left, right and centre and now Sky Mobile has joined in releasing its mobile phone deals to start off the year. 

Sky has deals on iPhones, Samsungs and SIMO contracts all at reduced prices so whether you’re an android or Apple fan or just want to extend the contract of an old device with a new SIM, Sky has deals for you. 

We have found the best deals from this January sale and collected them down below for you to scroll through and compare. Sky offers additional data options for each device so if you find yourself feeling the data won’t quite be enough then you have the option to upgrade to something a bit stronger in that department. 

If none of these deals we’re quite what you were looking for though or you just want to see what else is out there then take a look at our best mobile phone deals page for all of the many options on the top phones right now. 

Sky Mobile’s January phone deals

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