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LG G8 will have a foldable dual display
3:01 am | January 17, 2019

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The death of LG’s mobile business has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, it’s doubling down on its 2019 smartphones prospects with a phone that has two screens.

The LG G8 will be announced at the start of MWC 2019 next month, and it’ll have a unique dual display that’s foldable and doesn’t break the bank, according to a new report out of Korea today.

Officially called LG G8 ThinQ, it’ll be different from its forthcoming foldable rival, the Samsung Galaxy X. What’s different? LG decided to use two screens that connect together instead of a single display, says Naver.

When folded up, the LG G8 will have a small screen that may be closer to 4 inches, the size of a small smartphone. The Korean report states that it’ll be 3 inches, but we’re hold that may be the width of the display. When unfolded, it’ll expand to have a 7-inch screen, similar to the size of a large phone of small tablet. 

The ZTE Axon M and a Sony foldable concept phone did this, too. However, LG’s ability to join two screens is supposed to be much more seamless. 

ZTE’s dual-display approach resulted in a thick device with a large seam down the middle of the two screens. The LG G8 is expected to look like a single screen device with both its displays connected together.


LG G8 to have a smaller 3-inch screen when folded, but a 7-inch screen when the two screens are unfurled

Why LG thinks two is better than one

LG’s two-screen foldable display approach is said to come down to price. Samsung’s phone is expected to cost more than 2 million won (about $1,786, £1,387, AU$2,491)

LG’s foldable phone asking price, on the other hand, smartphone won’t cost much more than the current premium-tier smartphones, estimated to be around 1 million won (about $893, £693, AU$1,245).

The company’s drive to unveil a foldable smartphone at a lower price than Samsung is thought to be an attempt to reverse its fortunes in mobile. It may be getting back to its roots by offering more value with its smartphones.

New software for LG G8 and other phones

Going along with the foldable G8, LG is expected to introduce a new user interface dubbed the ‘Touchless’ input.

It’s supposed to allow sensors on the front of the phone to recognize hand gestures without direct screen contact. The report mentions that these sensors will be able to pick up your hovering gestures – including swipe gestures – 20 to 30cm away from the actual screens. 

The goal? To make it easier to operate the dual screen foldable smartphone from any position. The Touchless input is supposed to expand beyond the LG G8, with plans to have it come to the V series and other LG phones.

We’ll have more on the LG G8, as it continues to leak. We expect more details in the lead up to MWC 2019 on February 25, and of course, well-timed leaks ahead of thew Samsung Galaxy S10 launch on February 20.

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