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Get a cheap Google Pixel 3 with these new cashback deals from and e2save
3:04 am | December 22, 2018

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The Google Pixel 3 was undoubtedly one of the best phones of 2018 with its incredible camera and high-definition OLED screen – the one downside, the price. Well and e2save have both helped out with that by offering massive cashback by redemption offers on a number of Google Pixel 3 deals. 

These deals offer up to £168 in cashback which means you can get a Google Pixel 3 for an effective monthly cost of as low as £26 and they all come with big data plans, that’s a seriously good deal on a device that is still so new. And the even better news? If you order by 4pm on December 22 it will arrive in time for Christmas.

What’s the catch? Well, with cashback by redemption you do have to be slightly persistent. This involves sending in copies of your monthly bills a few times throughout your contract. But if you’re happy to do that then you can save some major amounts of money on your contract – both e2save and have guides on how to do this.

You can see all of these cashback by redemption deals below or if you would rather go for a Google Pixel 3 on a non-cashback basis then check out our Google Pixel 3 deals page for all of your other options. Or if you like the idea of the Pixel, but don’t want to commit to a two year contract, John Lewis just dropped the price of the SIM-free handset to £589 – pretty much the cheapest we’ve seen it. cashback Google Pixel 3 deals

e2save cashback Google Pixel 3 deals

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