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Galaxy S10 price leak puts Samsung closer to the expensive iPhone XS
3:03 am | January 24, 2019

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Save up, because the Samsung Galaxy S10 price may have just leaked ahead of its official February 20 unveiling, and it seems to be another way in which Samsung is going toe-to-toe with Apple in 2019.

The Galaxy S10 will cost at €929 (around $1,057, £809, AU$1,480), according to Italian site Tutto Android. And that’s the lowest priced model for specs with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

You can anticipate this converted Galaxy S10 price in the US to flatten out to $999 if these leak figure is accurate. That is, after all, the iPhone XS price, and Samsung isn’t expected to go any higher than Apple’s dollar amount.

For comparison, last year’s Galaxy S9 launched at €849 in Europe, and $719, £739, AU$1,199, so this would be a marked increase. The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have big changes in store, and an equally large asking price to boot.

Here’s a full list to compare what might be the price-and-spec points (in Euros, and converted to other currencies) for the new line of flagship phones:

  • Galaxy S10 Lite 6GB RAM/128 GB for €779 ($886, £678, AU$1,241)
  • Galaxy S10 6GB RAM/128 GB to €929 ($1,057, £809, AU$1,480)
  • Galaxy S10 8GB RAM/512 GB to €1179 ($1,341, £1,026, AU$1,878)
  • Galaxy S10 Plus 6GB RAM/128 GB at €1049 ($1,193, £913, AU$1,671)
  • Galaxy S10 Plus 8GB RAM/512 GB to €1299 ($1,478, £1,131, AU$2,069)
  • Galaxy S10 Plus 12GB RAM/1 TB at €1599 ($1,819, £1,392, AU$2,548)

If these prices are accurate, or even close, we could expect a noticeable hike over all of last year’s Galaxy S9 prices. The new Lite model isn’t at much of a discount, either, and looks to be comparable to the iPhone XR in terms of lower-cost options. 

That last S10 Plus model stands out in particular. It looks exceptionally powerful and highly-priced to match, so that could be a special limited edition (perhaps made in partnership with a luxury sportscar brand, hmm?).

Possible Samsung Galaxy S10 colors, too

Today’s report also listed potential Galaxy S10 colors. too. The S10 Lite is said to come in black, white, yellow and green; the S10 in black, white and green; and the S10 Plus in black, white, green and two special versions (but not ceramic, apparently). 

Those colors match some of the schemes that were previously rumored (though we’ve also heard of blue and red hues). This is the first time we’re learning about a potential ceramic backing for the S10 Plus, though – let alone any “special versions.”

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