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EE now lets you register for updates on the Samsung Galaxy S10
3:03 am | January 9, 2019

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CES 2019 is in full swing and while we won’t see the Samsung Galaxy S10 there, we shouldn’t have long to wait, with the phone likely to land at MWC 2019 next month. In fact, the launch is so close that UK mobile network EE already lets you register for updates on the unannounced phone.

The company has referred to it as “the new Samsung Galaxy” but the S10 – or whatever Samsung’s flagship launches as – is almost certainly what it’s talking about.

It’s unlikely that EE will share any information before the phone is announced, but you never know, so it could be worth registering, especially if you’re an EE customer. This also strongly suggests that EE will stock the phone when it does land.

Rumor after rumor

We don’t know when you’ll be able to buy the Galaxy S10 yet. Rumors strongly suggest a late February announcement, but that likely means it won’t be in stores before March.

There’s plenty that has been rumored about the S10 range though, with leaks pointing to there being at least three different models, an in-screen fingerprint scanner, a top-end chipset, a pinhole camera on the front and three (or possibly even more) cameras on the rear.

We’ve even seen a photo seemingly showing the front of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and we’d expect to see and hear plenty more over the coming weeks.

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