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Denon unveils travel-friendly noise-cancelling headphones
3:06 am | March 7, 2019

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Audio company Denon has just dropped three new pairs of over-ear headphones, including wired, wireless, and noise cancelling models.

Part of the company’s Global Cruiser range, the new headphones combine stylish design features with Denon’s proprietary driver technology, and are designed with commuters and travelers in mind with ergonomic memory foam earcups and long battery lives.

The most expensive of the new headphones, the noise-cancelling AH-GC30s are available to buy in the US now for $399. This works out at around £300 / AU$570, but  Denon hasn’t released official pricing and release dates for these territories yet. 

These wireless headphones uses Denon’s own 40mm Free-Edge drivers, which the company says “block out unwanted resonances to provide detailed, accurate sound.”

Constructed from soft, flexible materials, these drivers promise to deliver “crisp highs, deep bass and precise imaging without flexing or distorting the music signal”, which means these premium cans should be suitable for even the most discerning audiophiles. 

The Denon AH-GC25Ws
Image credit: Denon

Situational noise cancellation

If you’d rather stick to a wired connection, you may prefer the noise-cancelling wired over-ears, the AH-GC25NC, which cost $299 (around £230 / AU$420), and will be available to buy in April if you live in the US.

Then, in May, Denon is set to release the cheapest of the three new models, the wireless AH-GC25Ws, which are set to cost $249 (around £190 / AU$350). Although this model doesn’t offer noise cancellation, it does support aptX Bluetooth playback and can be used with a USB connection if desired. 

Both wireless models can handle up to 20 hours playback from a single charge, while the noise cancelling models support different noise cancellation modes depending on your method of travel.

Denon hasn’t said when the models will be available to buy outside the US, but they are appearing on the UK Denon website, so UK customers may be getting them ahead of their Australian release (if there is one). 

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