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Cars are about to get more screens, improved navigation and a smarter AI
3:00 am | January 8, 2019

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New automotive platforms launched at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada brings a smart AI and support for up to seven screens for future vehicles.

Qualcomm’s third generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms bring a host of new features to cars, with multiple displays being just one of those.

The new platforms support multiple displays throughout vehicles, including ultra-wide panoramic displays, reconfigurable 3-D digital instrument clusters, augmented reality heads-up display (HUD) and ultra-HD media streaming.

Augmented reality is also coming to navigation thanks to the new platform, and Qualcomm says it also opens up “lane-level navigation with visual aid positioning.”

In short, navigation should get more accurate, clearer and more visually appealing.

Smarts and sound

You can also expect to see more intuitive AI in future vehicles, with visual assistants improving safety, working towards autonomy and making it easier for you to communicate with your car.

Your driving playlist could well get an upgrade too, with the new platforms offering multi-zone, luxury Hi-Fi sound.

The new feature won’t be available immediately though, with the first cars to work on the new platforms expected to roll off production lines from 2021.

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